Sar’s ShOcktober// Fear.

Day 30. Fear. The feeling of dread, when you feel your stomach drop, where every single one of the ragged breaths you take is way too loud. When you start to break out in a cold sweat, and your eyes feel like they’re betraying you, by not being able to see through the cloying darkness…

Your heartbeat is so loud, that you’d swear whatever else is in the dark room with you, can hear it. It can hear the blood rushing through your veins. The more you fight to control your breathing, the more erratic it gets. You feel too hot, as though the room is on fire, then you feel ice cold. Your body reacts to the terror, your hands start to tremble, and your legs feel like they’re made of jelly one minute, and lead the next. You so desperately need to be silent, you so desperately need your heart to stop trying to beat its way out of your chest.

The darkness of the room feels like it’s closing in on you, swallowing you whole. It’s pitch black, you can’t see it…but can it see you…? Can the thing that’s making you sweat, and hyperventilate, see you…? Is it just standing around the corner, trying to prolong the terror it’s inflicting on you…? Oh God. Was that a floor board creaking…? Is it coming towards you? Impossibly, your heart is beating faster, and the overwhelming urge to scream over takes you…but…no, if you scream, you give away your position. Maybe it’s all in your head? It’s dark, your mind is just playing tricks on you…


Was…that…was that a…laugh…? No. Can’t be.

Oh God, there’s something dripping onto the top of your head…no, no. It’s nothing, just your imagination. You unconsciously touch your head…your fingers come away wet. Is that sweat…or…does it smell like…rusted iron…? What if it’s blood? Oh God, is blood dripping on your head? Where is it from? Who is it from? …What is it from…?

You have to move, you have to get out…which way are you facing? It’s so dark…

Your breathing is shallow, desperate little gasps of air, desperate little noisy gasps for the air you so desperately need to live. Will you live past tonight? Will you ever see your loved ones again? What if it’s already got to them…? What if they’ve escaped…and left you behind. What if they think you’re dead? Will anyone try to help you…?

You edge towards what you hope is the wall. If you get your back against it, you’ve got a fighting chance. Your footsteps are abnormally loud, in the deathly silence…that’s only punctured by your ragged breathing. Your right hand skitters against something solid. Thank God, you’ve reached the wall. You quietly ease yourself against it, seeking solace in the cold plaster currently supporting you.

Just edge along the wall, as quietly…*bzzzzt bzzzzzt bzzzzzzt* NO! You fumble in your pocket, the darkness is suddenly banished, thanks to the back light of your phone…why didn’t you think of that sooner? Call for help. Wait…the phone was ringing…*bzzzzt bzzzzzzt bzzzzzzzt* UNKNOWN CALLER appears on the screen. It doesn’t matter who it is, you just need to alert someone. You hit accept call, ‘Oh God, please…you’v…’ ‘Sssshhh…’ ‘Who…is this?’ ‘I think you already know the answer to that question…’

You drop the phone, panic and primal survival instincts kicking in. You throw yourself away from the wall. Have to get out. Have to escape. Have to survive. Will escape. Will survive.

You run blindly, barrelling into a solid mass…wait…

You pull away, your hands instinctively going to your stomach…they come away soaked. You fall to your knees. You double over, and cough…the metallic tang of blood is in your mouth, you spit it onto the floor.

Please…please don’t let it get…

So yea. I started typing, and that all happened...erm...*nods* this entry is rather late, unfortunately. Stupid life making stuff. All that junk up there, is from the shattered mind of Miss Sarah 'HerEvilRoyalty' Pearson.

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