Sar’s ShOcktober// TWD Ramble Part 2


‘This is not a democracy anymore!’

Day 27. Yea, it’s another Walking Dead (TV series, not comic series, although certain aspects of the comic will be mentioned). I just watched S3E2 last night…and wow. Just wow. Spoilers ahead, kids.

I rambled earlier this month, about the deterioration of Rick Grimes…and I think Andrew Lincoln is playing him perfectly. Episode 2 of season 3 really drills home, just how far Rick has fallen. He went from being a very clean cut, merciful…dare I say, sort of boring =/ character…to being a borderline psychopath. He has no remorse, no more mercy, all of the horrible things that he’s seen, had done to him, and experience…has damaged him, basically. Just like it damaged Shane, who at first seemed like a caring friend/brother to Rick…

I think finally finding Sophia in the barn, and realising how much time and effort had been put into finding her, ontop of Carol blaming Sophia’s ‘disappearance’ on Rick was enough of a blow, to knock Rick well and truly off the path of righteousness. Then finding out about Lori and Shane (and the baby) pushed Rick further than he was capable of going, then realising his so-called best friend had manipulated the group, in the hopes of getting Rick alone to kill him…which of course, resulted in Rick murdering Shane…all of these situations created the ‘Rick-tator’. The entire group relies on Rick to direct them, to keep them safe…yet, when he does everything he can, it’s still never enough.

His marriage is pretty much non-existent anymore, thanks to how much of a bitch Lori is. His son is well and truly on the same path as Rick, and Rick doesn’t seem inclined to stop Carl from becoming a jaded, hardened, ruthless killer. Because at the end of the day, it is kill or be eaten.

Last nights episode really was amazing…Rick destroying the inmate that dared cross him, without remorse, and almost with humour (if you know what I mean?) – the whole ‘ah yea…shit happens’, then the machete to the head. He was entirely right to kill that weirdo, after witnessing said weirdo annihilating a fellow inmate (even though he’d been scratched…by the splintered bone of a zombie), Rick had good reason to not trust him. The part that got me though, was Rick chasing the other guy down, finding him amongst a bunch of zombies, then locking the gate…and telling the kid he’d better start running. The way he just locked the door, and walked away, without a backwards glance – even though he could hear the kid dying. Rick is brutal now, and I can’t help but love it.

I also loved that he didn’t give into Lori, instead of hugging or kissing her, he sort of gave her a pat on the back, then legged it. Who can blame him? Lori is a whore. I really can’t wait for Rick to meet the Governor.

Due to my personal life taking up more of my time, than I'd like, and thanks to my fantastic (-.-) broadband service, this entry is obviously a day late. Doh!

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