Sar’s ShOcktober// Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, with a side order of Murderdolls…

Day 26. Earlier this month I mentioned Wednesday 13, well today, I’m gonna ramble and video spam you with 2 bands he’s been a part of. Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (or FDQ) and the Murderdolls. In my opinion, both were/are awesome bands. The music is fun, silly, loud, and generally always about either zombies, the word f**k, various horror movie characters…it’s basically just perfect Halloween party music.

FDQ – They Only Wanna Eat Your Brains. This is actually my favourite track by FDQ, it’s silly, and gets stuck in your head. I find myself humming it for days on end.

Murderdolls – Dead in Hollywood. Murderdolls were actually my favourite band when I was 15/16. Even saw them live, which was amazing – and quite the experience, they’re wild while performing! The song is pretty much ‘Hooray for Horrorwood’ by FDQ, just reworked a bit. It’s still a class song, and I just love the video. I have/always had such a huge crush on Joey Jordison lol ^_^

Murderdolls – Nowhere. Joey! ❤ *squeals* also, this is now stuck in my head. <– I wrote bed, think I was thinking about Joey too much xD

Murderdolls – Let’s F**k. Needless to say, there’s a bit of profanity in this song =p what’s really disturbing is my mother walking in on me screaming these lyrics, the ‘let’s f**k you, f**king whore!’, and her reaction was – ‘Murderdolls. Good band, Sar.’ I think my family are just used to my antics now. =D

The thing is, a lot of the early Murderdolls songs are just the FDQ songs, with some minor lyric or tempo changes. Which is one of the reasons I’m posting so much Murderdolls, the other reason being I f**king love how fun they are =D

Murderdolls – Grave Robbing USA. ‘…ooooh…I’m first!’ xD ah…the lyrics still make me chuckle, then shout along. ‘Grave robbing USA, an’ imma diggin’ up the dead today!’

Did I mention that some songs are about necrophilia…? No. Ah, silly me.

FDQ – Rambo. ‘when they f**ked with Rambo, they f**ked up’ xD

Murderdolls – She Was A Teenage Zombie. This was my favourite song, for soooooo many months, way back when I was a teenage ghoulscout…ah, fun times.

Let’s finish with something cheery =)

Murderdolls – F**k you, Motherf**ker! ‘

‘goodbye, so long, get lost, f**k off.’

And with that, I say farewell…until tomorrow, kids 😉

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