Sar’s ShOcktober// The Internet Is Weird

Day 24. Today’s (rather late) post, is a group effort. My brothers have decided to try traumatising me, with the random shit they watch on youtube. So yea…enjoy the random weirdness. It’s all really rather terrifying.

I actually watched the South Park episode ‘Raising the Bar’, and thought the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ thing was just something that Parker & Stone had made up…how horrified I was, when my youngest brother, Chris, made me watch the actual…thing that is ‘Honey Boo Boo’. I’ve never been so scared or disgusted in my entire life D= more reasons to never have children.

It’s damaging, isn’t it? D=

A few months back, while in XBL party with my brothers, the youngest decided we had to hear this on repeat…seriously, he replayed it about 40 times, and we couldn’t stop laughing…yea…we 3 are a bit…well…odd.

‘Ker-azy’ – f**king weird, more like.

And yea, we got bored…and watched a bunch of fail compilations…and of course, as I can’t go an hour without mentioning Halo or something related to Halo, I ended up watching this…

…and yea, that spike ‘nade throw, that connects with the mongoose is freaking amazing.

…We’re now doing paper, rock, scissors for who has to go reset the router, that is utter shit. I won, and I still ended up being the one to have to reset it -.- bloody brothers!

And because I don’t want anyone to be damaged for life, try this, it’s far less terrifying than the above shit. Evil Dead [Red Band] trailer, 18+ only, or suck it up and enjoy the mental damaging goodness.

A remake that looks like it could live up to the original!? =O

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