Sar’s ShOcktober// We Should Dance

‘You know I’m not a Saint…’

Day 23. Today has bugger all to do with Halloween, first off. I love music, I don’t love all genres of music, but mostly – if it sounds good, I’ll like it. Now, I’m not a fan of ‘dance-y’ sort of music…at least, not the utter shit that makes the charts over here (here being the UK). Now, the following songs I wouldn’t strictly call ‘dance/trance/whatever you kids call it these days’ music…it’s just a few songs that I really love, and that make me want to dance around like an idjit.

Wolfsheim – Find You’re Here & Find You’re Gone. I adore Peter Heppner, he has the most beautiful voice. I prefer ‘…Gone’, but hey – 2 for the non-existent price of 1. ‘Desthiiiiineeee…’ =D

Blutengel – The Oxidising Angel. This song never fails to wake me, and make me want to get moving. It’s #1 on my motivational/’get the f**k up, Sar’ playlist =)

HIM – Love, The Hardest Way [Tiësto SWRMXS]. At first, I hated (and even whined about) the idea of my beautiful HIM songs being destroyed…but then I built a bride, and got the f**k over it, and continued being awesome. The SWRMXS album is actually all on that motivation playlist, I mentioned earlier. I really love the song anyway, and being able to dance to it actually makes me quite happy.

HIM – Killing Loneliness [Libre Nos FF Mix]. Again, it just works…how can anything with Ville’s vocals in it, not be mind blowing? Exactly. Glad we agree.

HIM – Join Me [Lightforce Mix]. This is actually the first ever ‘dance-y’ sort of remix I ever heard, and it’s thanks to my beloved Finnish soul-mate, even though I repeatedly told him off for trying to destroy our favourite band. After listening to it…I was obviously hooked. It’s stunning.

Zeraphine – Be My Rain [Club Mix]. Like the HIM remixes, this just works. Sven has an amazing voice, which is slightly clearer in the club mix. Tis just delightful. ‘Be my rain…to wash the pain, and the truth away…’ it’s a stunning song, remix or not.

Diary of Dreams – The Curse [Freak Edit]. Ah…Adrian Hates, the things I’d do to you…*ahem* I mean, what a song…*cough*

Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy’s Song [VNV Nation Remix]. Behold…this song blows my mind. It’s just amazing. Yea…I can’t even find any words better than that. Just listen to it, and you’ll realise why. Also, Animatrix FTW!

Am I the only one that wants to get dressed up as a zombie, and freak out dance? No…? Just me then. There’s a ton more that I wanted to add, but a lot of my favourites aren’t on youtube -.- Dreadful Shadows – Futility [Project Pitchfork] being one of them. But yea…it’s not a complete list, it’s pretty much just a taster.

‘…And on the seventh day, machine pressed stop…’

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 23, 2012.

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