Sar’s ShOcktober// Odd/Disturbing/Damaging Music Videos

Day 22. Today I shall be providing you with slightly odd, perhaps even damaging music videos…Please be advised that some of the videos contain profanity, nudity, weirdness, gore and generally stuff that leaves you feeling decidedly damaged. Enjoy.

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy.  – Words cannot describe how freaked out I was, when I first saw this video. It still haunts me. Well, it doesn’t, but it’s still pretty freaking weird.

Slipknot – Wait and Bleed.  – Is it weird I find these kind of cute? =S It’s Joey doll, he’s adorable!

Korn – Make Me Bad.  – Not all that odd, it’s towards the end that makes me D= good song though.

Nine Inch Nails – Closer.  – Ah…how perfect is Trent Reznor? The pigs head does freak me out though D=

Tool – Stinkfist.  – It was really hard trying to choose just one Tool MV…as pretty much all of their videos are a touch disturbing.

Amen – Price of Reality.  – I’m fortunate enough to have seen Amen – they’re freaking amazing. The video is slightly…peculiar. The worst bit for me is Mr Chaos standing inside the meat…thingy. It’s really quite traumatising, I hate meat =/ but Casey Chaos is awesome, so ’nuff said.

The above videos are nowhere near damaging enough, are they? Let’s see if DIR EN GREY can help me out then. Come on…anyone with musical knowledge, knows this video was going to be mentioned somewhere. It’s the uncut version, so everyone needs to suck it up, and be disturbed along with everyone else.

DIR EN GREY – Obscure.  – It’s amazing, isn’t it!?

Are you all feeling damaged yet…? =D

Was that a no…? Oh good – try this out then NIN – Happiness in Slavery – seriously, this video is brutal. Seriously, seriously – it’s beyond damaging, I can’t even watch the whole thing anymore, as it makes me want to vomit a bit =/ the video was banned, way back in ’92 (it was ’92, wasn’t it…?), and you can’t find the whole thing on youtube…as it’s damaging! Very damaging!

Yes, there's plenty of other videos that could have been included. Why didn't I include them? Because I didn't want to, oddly enough. I've went with a few of my personal favourites, as I enjoy the music...and the damaging.

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