Sar’s ShOcktober// Cockneys vs Zombies

‘You must be ‘avin a tin baarth!’

Day 21. I actually only watched this film last night, and I have to say – for a film I had no expectations of, it really did entertain me. So much so, that I will be buying it, once it’s released. It’s a horror-comedy, I like it call these types of films ‘zom-edies’ – it’s along the same lines as Shaun of the Dead, and Doghouse – both a little more tame than this film, as there’s plenty of (hilariously) severed limbs. I’m afraid my ramble does contain some ‘spoilers’ for the film.

There’s a few recognisable faces – Michelle Ryan (she was Zoe Slater in Eastenders), Alan Ford (numerous roles – The Sweeney, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, The Bill, Snatch), Honor Blackman (again, numerous – quite famous roles – Coronation Street, The Avengers (British TV series), Goldfinger). They’re the only actors I recognised, to be honest.

Basically, 2 brothers, their cousin, useless friend, their psychopath ‘friend’ plan to rob a bank, so that the brothers Granddad won’t lose the care home he is in. Of course, that plan goes south – as zombies then show up…which the bank robbers take extremely well, considering. They have 2 ‘hostages’, and it’s all a bit of a farce, really. Anyway, their group dwindles in numbers – through zombie intervention, and accidental gunfire – so that only the 2 brothers (Terry & Andy), their cousin (Katy), and not so reluctant ‘hostage’ (Emma) are all that’s left.

After some hilarious scenes of the brothers shouting abuse at the zombies, they check-in on Emma’s unfortunate sister, then head to the dead psychopath’s lock-up…that just so happens to contain a small armoury. The 4 would be zombie slayers kit themselves out with riot gear, and numerous guns (and a rather nifty katana), then proceed to hot-wire a double decker bus (don’t ask), and go ‘rescue’ their Granddad, and his friends at the care home…

All the while, their Granddad (Ray) is keeping a small group of his friends safe – and one of the funniest scenes in the film occurs. Hamish, one of the care home residents, has dosed off on the lawn, completely unaware of the zombie uprising. He’s woken by Ray, and starts extremely slowly trying to escape the shambling zombies…of course Hamish is doing this escaping, with a zimmer frame…seriously, it’s hilarious – as he’s trying to get away the really slow zombies are ‘chasing’ him, and he keeps up a commentary of, ‘oh no! Zoooombies!’.

The gun-toting foursome reach the care home, nearly get stabbed by Ray – more hilarity ensues – and yea, I’m not gonna give anything else away now. I will mention the giggling fit I had thanks to zombie football hooligans xD

It genuinely is a hilarious film, it’s completely ridiculous (ramming a live frag grenade into a zombies mouth, for instance), but it’s also completely entertaining. It’s not scary, it’s far too funny to be scary, but Halloween isn’t always about having to be afraid. It’s a fun time, and this is a very fun film. Everyone needs to see it, at least once. The whole London ‘East End Geezer’ is very overused, but manages to be very funny all the same. It’s an awesome, fun sort of film, get it watched this Halloween =)

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sar’s ShOcktober// Cockneys vs Zombies”

  1. just to nit pick your spoilers – the lock up doesn’t belong to the granddad, but the psychopath. it’s where they picked him up in the beginning of the film. just to wipe a little incredulity away.

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