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Day 19. Seeing as The Walking Dead season 3 premier is tonight, here in the UK anyway, I thought I’d have a bit of a ramble about everyone’s favourite zombie slaying Sheriff, and his merry band of misfits. I’m going to ramble about the TV series only, and keep the comics and show separate. Also, I won’t give away too many spoilers, as I really hate being spoilered -.- so it would be unfair, to anyone who hasn’t seen all of S1 or S2. I will be chatting about future/possibly characters for S3 (and perhaps beyond), but I will warn before I do so.

First off, I really cannot wait for tonight’s episode. So yea, let the rambling begin at season 1. Now, I adore the series (as well as the comic books), and the first few episodes left me quite happy – zombie action wise. But…even when there’s not all that many zombies in every episode (season 2, for instance), I actually find that I enjoy it more =/ it’s the tension, and suspense. There’s always the thought of ‘oh God, don’t do that, there might be zombies!’, even when there’s none around. It’s the tension, and the either very likeable or easy to hate characters, that keep me watching, quite obsessively.

In my opinion, Daryl Dixon is what makes the series. I just love how his character is completely original, created solely for the TV series, and how much of an anti-hero he seems to be – plus, I adore Norman Reedus. I used to be a bit of a Shane girl, but after the ‘Otis incident’, I just couldn’t warm to him anymore. I’ve actually found myself really liking Rick. My opinion of Lori hasn’t changed of course, I still think she’s an annoying, sour-faced tart. And Carl…how can anyone be that annoying!? God, I hate that kid.

I’m gonna be chatting about scenes from S2, if you haven’t already seen all of S2 (and plan on watching) then please avoid =)

I love how S1 Rick is very much the stereotypical hero, he has to help everyone, and do ‘right’ by them. And then how over time, well into S2, that behaviour begins to deteriorate. Rick is right – all of the group look to him to lead them, he makes all of the difficult decisions, tries to protect them…and generally, all he gets back is crap or whining. So yea, I was silently cheering him on come the S2 finale. Rick-tatorship FTW! The thing that cemented Rick as one of my favourite characters was during the episode ‘Nebraska’ (S2E8), it was the fact Rick stopped being so diplomatic and helpful, and committed an act that he wouldn’t usually have. Plus…’The Regulator’ by Clutch playing during the shooting scene…yea, that was awesome. I can’t listen to that song now, without remembering Rick’s badassery. Of course, he then risks himself, Hershel and Glenn to help that annoying, whiny kid. – speaking of that, the tension I felt when they were considering chopping that kids leg off…good grief, I was literally unable to keep still.

Shane. Now he’s a character who embraced (snuggled, even) his dark side…he callously incapacitates Otis, so that he can escape. He manipulates just about the entire group, questions Rick’s capabilities as not only a leader, but as a husband and father both. Then there’s the whole plot to murder his so-called best friend…oh, and let’s not forget the whole sleeping with said best friends wife, and possibly getting her pregnant. Lori is such a whore. The zombies should steer clear of eating her, God only knows what they’d catch…Basically, I think Rick was justified in murdering Shane. Shane’s behaviour was erratic, volatile, and pretty much psychotic. He seemed so calm, so in control…when really, I think he was just mentally broken. The whole zombie apocalypse destroyed him, and what was left…was the man who would literally resort to murder, to get what he wanted.

I’m going to ramble about S3 now, I doubt I’ll be giving away any spoilers, but just in-case, here’s your warning.

I’m extremely excited that the ‘Governor’ is a character in S3 (and I’m even more excited about who is playing him, I adore David Morrissey), as I love the back-story of how (and why) he became the ‘Governor’. I can’t wait to see how Woodbury’s dictator interacts with the Rick-tator =p

I’m interested to see where the character of Daryl Dixon is going to go too, how will he react to Merle? Will we hear more about his chupacabra? Is Merle going to make Daryl revert to his initial behaviour, and Merle’s prejudice disposition? I truly hope not, I like how Daryl has grown, and how he’s now very much a ‘man of honour’, akin to Rick. I do like the idea of him continuing to sort of be Rick’s ‘right hand man’, and being one of the very few competent characters in the group – when it comes to foraging, slaying zombies, tracking and just being awesome.

I kind of hope TV Lori ends up as comic book Lori did =/ I know that’s probably wrong of me, but good God, she annoys me. And her Satanic spawn too, I hate that kid. What kind of semi-competent child willingly teases a zombie? Carl. Rick needs to tell him to get a grip, and stop wearing that bloody hat.

The zombies of TWD are, of course, main characters too. They’re the reason Woodbury has it’s Governor, the reason Rick & Daryl are stuck with a group of incompetent, annoying, incredibly dense survivors. I’ve always loved the very notion of everyone being infected with the zombie virus (even before & outside of TWD-‘verse), and hope this fact is going to be mentioned more, and maybe even researched a little – in the hopes of discovering the exact reason for the zombie outbreak.

If you haven’t been interested by the show or comic books before now, I highly recommend you do give one (preferably both) a try. It really is a brilliant series, full of tension, zombie slaying action, and excellent characters.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 19, 2012.

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