Sar’s ShOcktober// Game Gore

Day 17. So yesterday’s ShOcktober was all about Isaac Clarke, and how awesome Dead Space is. And all of his brutal deaths, got me thinking on some of the most brutal video game deaths that I’ve seen, along with the creepiest moments. So yea, today is gonna be a mash-up of all the video game scenes that have freaked me out, or made my inner Jigsaw squeal with bloody delight…

F.E.A.R – sadly the video is really dark, but it sort of adds to the tension. The overall death is truly brutal though, and creepy as Hell! This is why I can’t play the F.E.A.R games on my own lol BTW – it does take awhile to get to the actual death, but it’s well worth the wait…if you can’t wait though, the death begins at 2 minutes in, and keep watching for the entire video after that…as the death is quite prolonged. I just love his screaming, and the general death-like sounds.

Dead Rising – anyone remember that annoying clown, Adam, he had the dual chainsaws? Maybe you remember his death then…it’s an awesome freaking death! I hate the laughter though, that’s probably the creepiest part for me…

The Punisher Game – it’s an oldie, but a brutally golden one. My personal favourites are the shark, and the table saw xD the deaths don’t look all that much now, but when the game was first released – this game was extremely controversial. I believe it was completely banned in Germany (don’t quote me on that, mind!), and there was a fair few changes made, so that the game could pass as an 18 title in the UK. It’s not a fantastic game, but the death & torture scenes were so OTT you can’t help but love them, plus The Punisher is awesome.

God of War 3 – it had to be the part where Kratos annihilates Hercules. I just love Herc’s squished up face.

Soldier of Fortune: Payback – this game is off the charts gore, various limbs fly everywhere. It’s not even a very good game, it’s purely the insane amount of violence and gore that keep you playing it. I’m 99.99% sure this was banned in Germany, as well as other places? Again, don’t quote me on that.

SAW video games – I haven’t actually played either of the SAW titles personally, I’ve only ever watched others play them. Honestly? They look like extremely frustrating, repetitive games =/ there are some interesting/bizarre death scenes though, so have a SAW montage! I have to say – the sound effects in the game are actually quite impressive.

There are tons more I can think of: the Hospital in Silent Hill 3 (Heather’s reflection thing), whenever something jumps through a window on Resi Ebil lol run aaaawaaaaay!, Anthony & Benjamin Carmine’s deaths (although slightly hilarious too =S), actually just pretty much all of the Silent Hill games – they really freak me out. Of course Dead Space 1&2 have to be mentioned, I think Isaac’s suicide death at the end, is awesome – the fact he looks like he wants to struggle, gotta love it. Splatterhouse (2010) needs a mention, I personally thought it was repetitive and bleh after an hour or so, but there is some entertainment in beating things to death with your own severed arm. Oh yea – this part in F.3.A.R, you’re climbing a ladder (the warehouse, possibly 2nd or 3rd interval?) and Alma just flashed between the ladder rungs…you would not believe the squeals, and terror I endured – not a death, but a seriously scary moment. More F.3.A.R – my co-op partner, at the time, killed someone, and his blood splatter on the wall, made the shape of Alma D= just some general creepiness for you there. I F.E.A.R Alma. BioShock – the beginning with the splicer tearing the dude apart, while you’re in the bathysphere, very creepy. What’s black, white, and red all over? Madworld! There’s some brilliant violence in that game, most impressively – it’s on the Wii. You know, there’s some pretty brutal/downright weird bits in FallOut 3 – like when I accidentally ran into the minefield…it wasn’t pretty. Plus the Ghouls…urgh. Those things are creepy. Limbo – how could I not mention this!? First of all, it’s awesome. Getting impaled on a giant spider’s legs? Hells yea. Getting crushed, sawn in half, splattered across the floor, drowning…plus, the black & white setting is stunning, very atmospheric. Singularity – there’s a couple of parts that I jumped at, also it’s an awesome game, that deserves to be played. It took a lot of criticism, it’s not perfect, but realistically – what game is? Call of Duty: World at War – the very beginning (the Makin night map) where you watch your comrade get his throat cut…or is it stabbed in the eye…? I’m sure he gets a cigar stubbed out on him too…see, this is what happens when I haven’t played a game in awhile, I can’t quite remember exact details…then I ramble, lots. There’s actually some beautiful death scenes in Halo: Reach (come on, you didn’t seriously think I wasn’t going to mention this game, did you? I have Halo in my veins). You know, Gears does actually have quite a bit of gore – the whole chainsaw kills, curb-stomping heads, the torque bow kills. Alan Wake, that game terrifies me, and I genuinely do not know why! The likes of Dead Space or Condemned are way worse, but they don’t scare me anywhere near as much as Alan Wake does. Dead Island, but only for the Ram’s, they make me panic like crazy. Left For Dead 1&2, while you tend to be moving to fast to notice a great deal, there is actually some quite nice gore in this title – some of the zombies falling to pieces is really quite brutal.

Okay…I’ve just seen how huge that paragraph is…and I’m not going to stop, before this turns into a novel! Get some of these games rented/bought, and scare yourself silly this Halloween =)

All images, and videos are from google searches. Credit to their creators.

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