Sar’s ShOcktober// ‘How I Died’ by Isaac Clarke

Day 16. I’ve written about Dead Space 1&2 before, but they’re such good games, that I’m mentioning them again. Seriously, you need a scary game to play over Halloween? Look no further than the DS series, I actually had to play DS2 with my gaming partner, at the time, while in party…squealing at her, whenever I got scared aka constantly. So yea, both games have some brutal, and often interesting death scenes, for Isaac (I love Mr. Clarke <3) and for randoms…let’s take a look:

Yea…not overly brutal, but really rather odd thing to stumble across, while you’re traversing the many corridors of the Ishimura.

Doctor Foster’s death doesn’t occur until quite far into the video (3 minutes +), but the fact that the video creator then stomps him to death, made me giggle. A lot. But seriously, this is one of the first brutal deaths in the game, and yea…the fact that he slits his own throat? Creepy as Hell.

It’s such a random thing to walk in on, isn’t it? It’s the fact that she’s laughing, while she kills herself…the DS games are so deliciously damaging lol

The first part of the video is showing you what happens if you steer the needle correctly, the second half is the result of failure. All through playing DS2, this is the part I had been dreading…my friends had mentioned it in passing, I thought they were winding me up…they weren’t. It’s such a tense moment for you, especially if you’re like me – I get emotionally attached to video game characters *shrugs*. It’s such a brilliant game, full of tension, and actual fear for what’s going to happen next.

And this is just every death scene in DS2, my personal favourite death being at 14:28.

If you haven’t played the DS games before, I’m sure this post is unlikely to convince you. For me, it’s easily my favourite survival horror series, roll on DS3.

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