Sar’s ShOcktober// The Birthday Massacre

I think my friend said, “I hear footsteps…”‘

Day 15. I adore this band, and some of their videos have a rather dark, whimsical sort of feel, as do many of their songs. Chibi has an amazing talent, when it comes to sounding quite child-like, innocent if you will, which I think just makes TBM’s music sound even more sinister..So yea, onto the music…

The Birthday Massacre – Happy Birthday (seriously, Beyond Birthday right here.) The thing I love about the song, is how Chibi sort of whispers a lot of the lyrics, also the lines ‘I wore my black and white dress to the birthday massacre…‘ & ‘now he chases me to my room, chases me to my room…chases me…in my black and red dress…‘ – the imagery that those 2 lines conjure for me, are beyond creepy. I love it.

TBM- Blue. This is actually my favourite TBM song, I just love how sweet Chibi sounds with the clean vocals, then how creepy she sounds during the growled vocals. Plus, the video is amazing. ‘You provide the envy, and I’ll provide the spite…’

TBM – In The Dark. The video for this song is just deliciously creepy, and Chibi (I really love Chibi, okay?) is stunning in the video =)

TBM – Forever. This is just a really beautiful song. ‘And you see right through me…’

TBM – Shiver. I really like how mature Chibi sounds in this song, plus I love the lyrics. Seriously, TBM are just an awesome band =)

TBM – To Die For. There’s just something so seductive about Chibi’s tone…plus, she’s gorgeous in the video. #obsessed.

This post should possibly have been titled, ‘I’m in love with Chibi’. I just love her, she’s beautiful, sexy as Hell, and her voice is pure perfection =)  TBM’s new album ‘Hide and Seek’ is available now, it was released 12th October ’12 =) go buy it, it’s a stunning album, you know it makes sense.

Tighten your tie boy, you’re something to die for…’

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