Sar’s ShOcktober// Films that freak me out…

Day 14. So yea, today I’m gonna ramble about a few films that have freaked me out, but aren’t necessarily supposed be freak you out…you’ll notice I’m not going to provide a synopsis for the films, as I’d hate to spoiler anyone =/ plus, this way you may be more inclined to watch some of them =)

Coraline – I really love this film, but it really did freak me out…the buttons for eyes, eek *shudders*. It’s the part where Other Mother tries to convince Coraline to stitch the buttons over her own eyes…yea, seriously – freaked out, right there. Poor Other Wybie too =( the whole sewing his mouth into a creepy smile too…

House on Haunted Hill (the 1999 version) – seriously, I hated this film! I was still quite young when I first saw it, and it pretty much traumatised me. I think the worst part was the whole room that could make an insane person sane, and a sane person insane…it’s been 13 years since I saw it, so I can’t remember exactly, but a basketball explodes out of the guys stomach…? =S And yea, just the whole camera picking up the torture in the basement. The whole idea of the asylum being used as a giant house for torturous experiments pretty much creeps me out.

Mirrors – I really hated this film lol…the part with Amy Smart tearing her face apart, via her mouth…yea, that’s not damaging at all. I find this film creepy as Hell. My mirror now is covered in stickers, postcards, photos, and anything else I can find to hide it =p

Silent Hill – the bathroom scene, with the weird tortured…thing that creeps along the floor…oh and Pyramid Head/Red Pyramid makes an appearance, it’s the tallness of him that gets to me.

One Missed Call (the 2008 American remake) – another creepy as Hell film. It’s the parts in the air duct thingys towards the end…and (if memory serves me correctly) there’s the toy phone ringing…? Either that really happened, or my sub-concious is way too imaginative/damaged.

Thirteen Ghosts – I actually really like this film, but the ‘Torso’ is traumatising! I adore the house, and how it shifts…ah, tis a good film. Not too scary, a couple of amusing moments, and plenty of ghost action =) tis a good one for a Halloween film marathon, me thinks.

Dead Silence – another film I really enjoy, plus I love the OST. The ending is just awesome. The dummy’s are deliciously creepy. The morgue scene…ar man, I jumped. It’s actually a really good film, relatively interesting storyline, and Mary Shaw is creepy as Hell…the whole dummy mouth thing *shudders*.

Dawn of the Dead )2004) – another film I love, the only part that scares or freaks me out (a lot, actually) is towards the end, when the old man accidentally chainsaws the girl in half…seriously, the whole flesh eating zombies were fine by me, but that part…? Yea. Damaging.

Yea, none of the usual suspect films are in this post…I have no explanation as to why. It is, what it is.

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