Sar’s ShOcktober// Some Zombie Game Modes What I Like.

Day 10. Anyone who knows me, or who has perhaps visited the ESC_Verse before, knows that I’m slightly obsessed with zombies. Which is why today, I’m gonna ramble about my favourite zombie game modes. ‘What fun!’, I hear you cheer. You will notice that games such as Left 4 Dead 1/2, etcetc are not mentioned…because they’re getting mentioned later in the month, you nosey sod! God!

Let’s start with Halo’s ‘Infection’ or ‘Living Dead’  playlists. Fast, frantic, fun! My 3 favourite f’s, actually. The point of this playlist is to either kill the survivors if you spawn as a zombie, or kill the zombies if you spawn as a survivor/human. Now, way back when the survivors had a shotgun – now they have a shotgun, and a magnum – the magnum being the only weapon you pretty much ever need in the Halo universe, as I keep telling anyone who will still listen. The zombies have energy swords, or the grav hammer, depending on the game variant. Basically, all the survivors tend to run to somewhere holdable on whichever map is being played, spread themselves out, and then pitch their tents. The only thing is, the zombies move super fast, and can jump really high. So yea…usually, the zombies win. Unless you’re a sneaky bugger, who knows the maps well enough to exploit them. It’s a fun game mode, although I find it too easy to be a survivor, due to the magnum aka my precious. But yea, it’s fun. It’s also highly likely I will be found playing in this playlist, over Halloween. The best thing about this playlist for me, is that the maps are altered to appear spooky – with the inclusion of a giant, inflatable football on Sword/SpookyBase…which I tend to spend more time chasing about, than the humans.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – I am only mentioning this, due to how hilarious I found it. Here’s the quotes, that made me lol. Lots.

‘I’m going to wander down that lonely, deserted street…and get my bag…’ – famous last words there, Professor.

‘There’s no need to worry! …everyone’s already dead!’ 

‘Well, sir, I’m a man of science, a man of great learning, a thinker, a wise man and I’ll be honest with you, sir…I haven’t got a f***ing clue.’

And yea, that’s about as much as I can remember from UM. Maybe it wasn’t as hilarious as I thought it was…=/

Dead Rising 2 & Case West. I’m not a huge fan of the online on DR2 =/ probably due to the fact that you can (extremely) rarely get into a match -.- but if you can, it is actually a bit of a giggle. Who doesn’t want to run over zombies, while on a motorbike, adorned with chainsaws? Living the dream right there, Chuck. Or perhaps making the zombies wear tutus, or flowerpots on their heads? They’ve only been eaten alive, died, then reanimated…but let’s take the piss out of them, just a little more! Zombies have rights too…is what I’d be saying, if I wasn’t so amused by killing them. The co-op for DR2 & it’s arcade ‘spin-off’ – Case West, is way more my thing. Mainly due to the fact that I can throw things at my team mate. Maybe even shoot them a little, it’s all in the name of fun…and my own amusement. I’m a bit of a dick, when it comes to being a team player, okay? I’ve played too much Halo over the years. While it’s fun running around with a partner, trying to literally stab you in the back, while hordes of zombies try to eat you – it’s not all that. Sorry, Chuck, Frank. It is still an entertaining co-op experience though, it’s perhaps a game to get you warmed up…for a better game. Again, apologies to Chuck, and Frank. It’s nothing personal guys, you’re just…look, it’s me, not you two.


I know, undead creature of gnawing, it’s shocking that anyone would enjoy massacring you…

Now, let me ramble on about Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies (and all the other flavour of dead things on that game mode). I think the zombie game modes, first introduced in CoD: World at War, are awesome. And ever since ‘Nacht der Untoten’ – Night of the Undead – I’ve been hooked. Even more so, once the whole story of why, and how the zombies exist came into play. Yes, it’s extremely frustrating at times, but it’s also extremely fun. Black Ops Zombies, the theatre & five, are fun…but it’s once the DLC started, that’s when the insanity (and epic fun) really began. The one thing I always wonder though, why/how on earth did anyone work out the lighthouse sequence on Call of the Dead…? Or the icicle thing? Or even the bloody radio sequence…? This is why I love gamers, they’re so desperate to explore, and discover those deliciously creepy easter eggs. So yea, it’s extremely likely that I will be playing one (possibly more) of the zombie maps, over Halloween. My personal favourite map is ‘der Reise’, I just loved the bowie knife on that map =) and the teleporters…ah, what fun we (my zombie ‘squad’) used to have…I’d run for the teleporter, leaving all of them behind…good times. The thing I’m most looking forward to with BlOps (or Bloops, if you’re me) 2 is the zombie game mode, and all the exploring/rage-quitting/swearing that is to come…

Oh yea. Plus on Call of the Dead, you get to run away from zombie George A. Romero. Your runner will randomly be either: Sarah Michelle Geller (WWBD!?), Robert Englund, Danny Trejo & Michael Rooker (Merle!!!). See, fun…with a capital Z.

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