Sar’s ShOcktober// House of the Dead: Overkill


Day 9. I’m not usually a big fan of the Wii, but I admit that there are some fun games for it. Fun games, such as HotD: Overkill – the perfect party game for Halloween! It’s played out like the dodgy B-horror films I love so much. It’s quirky, weird, disturbing, hilarious, fun – what more could you want from a video game? The crackle-y soundtrack, screen flickers, giant boobed nurse zombies…it’s just hilarious.

The game has some very oddball characters/enemies. Seriously…some of them are pretty disgusting. Like ‘Mother’…yea…that was a damaging experience. Oh…Jasper too, another traumatising experience. Seriously, you’ve gotten try this game out.

Oh yea…there’s some hilarious one-liners in this game, usually from the foul-mouthed Isaac Washington – aka the greatest game character ever. Here’s a few such gems:

‘Are you holding my hand!?’ ‘…yes.’ ‘I ain’t your momma, get the f*** off of me!’

‘Shit! This is like that film with all them f***ing birds!’ ‘Which film with all the birds…?’ ‘You know, the bird film! F***!’

‘How’s a brother s’posed to pacify a bitch!?’

‘It’s a good thing we found these mini-guns lying around…’

‘I’m gonna amputate your motherf***ing head!’ … ‘Guess that makes me a doctor!’

‘I’m gonna rip your motherf***ing balls off!’

=O ‘The bitch is ringing!’ D=

‘It hurts so much…’ ‘I can help ease the pain…’ ‘No you can f***ing not! Shoot the motherf***er!’

‘You have the right to remain f***ing silent!’

‘I have shown respect! Charm! Under-f***ing-standing! But that is the last f***ing straw!’

If the truly fantastic Detective Washington, Agent G & stripper Varla aren’t enticing enough, the game has tons of re-playability too, as with points you earn through killing the zombies/weirdos/freaks/disturbing things, you can buy new weapons or upgrade the weapons you already have. So yea, if you try it, at least you know it’s not just a one play through game =) let’s all break out our Wii’s (it’s highly likely they’ve been collecting dust, just like mine was), and play this dodgy as Hell game. I’d recommend close friends, alcohol, perhaps some nibbles, and of course a couple of the Wii zappers, or even the HotD: Overkill ‘hand-cannon’ – which makes you feel like a bad-ass, while looking utterly ridiculous. Halloween nowadays is all about silly shocks, and fun – this game provides both.

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