Sar’s ShOcktober// Zombie Brittannica

Day 8. Zombie Brittannica, a zombie novel by Thomas Emson. So today I’m gonna chat about a book I read last year, called Zombie Brittannica. Now…this isn’t gonna be one of my (many) ‘OhMyCas! Everyone must read/see/listen to this, it will complete you!’ type of posts…ZB is a must read, but not necessarily for all the good reasons.

It’s a very silly book, firstly, and secondly…it’s rather OTT. Over the span of a very few short hours, zombies pretty much overtake the entirety of the UK. I mean – yea, if the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m sure it will spread fast…but will society break down so much, to create living cannibals, rapists, murderers? All in the space of a few hours? Sure, there’s likely a fair few psychopaths knocking around, but for them to all decide it’s time to start the mindless slaughter, in the name of fun…all the while, dead people are trying to gnaw on your leg…? It’s just not top of the priorities really, is it? The ZA happens, I’m off either stockpiling supplies, killing the undead or stealing a nice big boat…I’m not gonna go ‘okay, zombies are trying to eat my face, I know, let’s rape, then murder…perhaps even eat a few of the living ones.’

But…that’s pretty much exactly what happens in this book =/ I’m not saying it’s a bad book, it’s a very entertaining book…I’m just saying, that it’s a quite a silly book too.

One of the parts that stayed with me, is when a group of survivors are actually considering forcing the women of the group to fall pregnant…then give birth, and promptly eat the newborn. I think it stayed with me, as I do love the idea of trying to survive not only the zombies, but also trying to survive the living. But are the living really going to want to basically be a living, breathing version of the dead things…? Well, this book thinks so.

It’s all at once something you do need to read, but also a book I’d say only pick up on the cheap. It’s not great, but it is highly amusing…even if the characters are highly stereotypical, and stupid.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 8, 2012.

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