Sar’s ShOcktober// Rapture.


‘Would you kindly…?’


Day 6. Today I’m going to write about Rapture, the setting of the video games BioShock 1&2. To this day, BioShock 1 is easily the most atmospheric game I’ve ever played. The whole concept of Rapture is just amazing, and I’m actually gutted that BioShock Infinite won’t be set under water. I’m gonna pretty much assume that anyone reading this, has prior knowledge of the BioShock games, and knows the storyline. Which I’m not gonna chat about, as I just wanna fangirl all about how beautiful Rapture looks.


Rapture was created as a Utopia, where the ‘crème de la crème’ of society could flourish away from the religious, social & political disruptions of WWII. Unfortunately…Rapture’s elite inhabitants deteriorated, thanks to the plasmids allowing them to splice their DNA…what could have been a beautiful, peaceful, equal place to live – is now Hell, basically. Or it would be Hell, if it wasn’t such a gorgeous looking place.

The thing you need to know about me (that 2 of my friends in particular know very well, as I’m constantly babbling about it), is that I have an obsession with water in video games. The opening sequence of Bio1 had me drooling, the water rendering is just stunning, the way the water laps at the planes debris. How the flames play across the water…it’s just beautiful. I literally spent 45 minutes just swimming around the tiny little area at the beginning, just because I loved how pretty it was. The structure of Rapture is very artsy, lots of reinforced glass – so you can just stand idly for hours on end, viewing the remnants of Andrew Ryan’s ‘Utopia’.

Of course, Rapture is nothing without it’s oddball inhabitants. Enter the Splicers, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, and Big Sisters. The mere sound, and shadow of a Big Daddy is enough to have me backtracking – I know that I can take him down, but the overall appearance of the Big Daddies is something that has always freaked me out, it’s the noises they make. The Little Sister’s too…I find them creepier than the Big Daddies! I think it’s the whole gathering the ADAM from dead bodies, and the glowy eyes…and possibly the fact that if there’s a Little Sister, her protector aka the Big Daddy, is not far away. Oh…and the ‘Mr Bubbles’ thing…they just freak me out, okay?
This picture right here, demonstrates how creepy Rapture can be. It’s very sparsely lit, sometimes almost completely dark – save for flashes of electricity, or flickering lights. Which just adds to the overall atmosphere, accompanied by the shadows that you catch glimpses of…yea, don’t play this game in the dark. Unless you’re way braver than me!

Some parts of Rapture are still very ‘together’, not much damage to the structures, so you do get a glimpse at how this underwater Dystopia, was once an underwater Utopia. Did I mention Rapture’s self defence…? No? Oh, well yea…there’s turrets, and turret-bots just itching to greet you with a mag full of bullets to the face…unless you ‘convince’ them that you’re a friendly…aka hack the Hell out of those things. Just adds a little more pressure, ’cause the insane Splicers are never enough.

I feel like I should ramble on about the storyline, and all of the characters…but…Rapture in itself is a character, perhaps even the main character. BioShock 1 or 2 just wouldn’t be creepy, completely enthralling, addictive even, if it wasn’t set in Rapture. There needs to be more Bio games set in Rapture – I’m nowhere near sick of exploring it. How could anyone not love looking out of one of the tunnel windows, and seeing a squid just swimming by…while Splicers chase me away from Fontaine Futuristics.

The multiplayer in Bio2 actually let’s you take part in the war of Rapture, which means I tend to wander around the map – fangirling over how beautiful it looks, or how there’s water leaking in from somewhere…then getting smacked in the head with a rolling pin, by some weirdo dressed up as a 50’s housewife…while wearing a dodgy bunny mask. It’s all very entertaining. And odd.

The honest truth is, all of this writing is meaningless. So I’m gonna stop rambling, and let the images & video show you how amazing Rapture is. BioShock 1&2 are definitely games that every gamer needs to have played. I will actually be playing BioShock 1&2 over Halloween, if anyone wishes to join a party, and chat while playing/drooling at all the watery goodness. =)

See what I mean…? The way the water moves, the sounds of Rapture in general, and of course the immersive storyline…it all just adds up to an extremely well made game. It’s the attention to detail – the sounds of the Splicers, even when you can’t see them…you’re constantly expecting a pack of them to jump you, which just adds to the tension. The posters adorning the walls, advertising Plasmids, or propaganda going on about how wonderful Rapture is.

If you haven’t played either of these amazing games, then seriously, you need to.

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