Sar’s ShOctober// Zombie Girl.


Hey! Hey! Hey! Creepy Crawler! Zombie Girl, aka Renee Cooper (and previously Sebastian Komor). The way I would describe ZG is if a bunch of B horror movies had sex with a synthesizer, ZG would be the resulting bouncy baby…thing. Blood, brains and rock n’ roll, baby! The crazy .gif sort of demonstrates their music, I think – erratic, crazy, fast, fun, other such descriptive words.

Halloween ’09 – Zombie Girl

ZG are possibly an acquired taste, a good friend of mine who adores g-EBM & electronica despises ZG, but he’s possibly just being awkward. ZG rock. Seriously, every Halloween playlist needs some Zombie Girl on it. Look, this isn’t deep, philosophical music…it’s purely noise, awesome noise, but noise all the same – I usually describe music similar to this as 1000 ambulances going to war with 1000 police cars. The difference between ZG, and the ambulance/police mash-up is that ZG are fun, lively. Their music makes you wanna get up, dance around…this is ‘getting into the party mood’ type of bands. I’m gonna stop rambling, and let you listen/watch some of their tracks.

Blood, Brains and Rock n’ Roll – Zombie Girl

Creepy Crawler – Zombie Girl

Creepy Crawler is my favourite ZG track, it’s my go to song, when I need a burst of energy. Great band – who cares about genres or labels? It sounds great, let’s not hate.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 4, 2012.

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