Sar’s ShOcktober// Bite The Hand That Bleeds…

Day 3. Fear Factory are an amazing band, with some seriously awesome songs. Today, we’re just going to focus on this little gem, which features on the SAW soundtrack – it’s over the end credits, best part of the film IMO. FF are an industrial metal band, that have often infused their industrialism with groove, thrash & death metal, the result being eargasms everywhere.

I’ve had an epic crush on Burton C. Bell for many years now, his voice is just delicious. Especially so on BTHTB =) so yea, today is featuring this track as it’s on the SAW OST – a franchise that has traumatised me, thanks to bloody Billy -.- that thing is damaging! And because it’s an awesome track, by an awesome band. Enjoy =)

Bite The Hand That Bleeds by Fear Factory

Note - the video isn't the best quality, you have no idea how difficult it is to find a decent video of this song! You get the jist of it though, I'm sure =)

Also! It’s Wednesday! Which means Supernatural returns, for it’s 8th season…in America, anyway. Whereas we in the UK, aren’t even finished S7 yet…of course, some people have already seen all of S7 a fair few times…because some people…hopped on a plane, went to our American friends house, and watched it there…*nods* or at least, that’s the explanation the delectable Mr. Sheppard thought up at A8 =p

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