Sar’s ShOcktober// Heart-Shaped Box

ShOctober Day 2. Today I’m gonna talk about the book – ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ by Joe Hill.

First of all, Mr Hill is in-fact the son of that relatively (okay, very)  famous writer, Stephen King. Joe Hill choose to drop the ‘King’, in favour of gaining merit based on his writing skills, as opposed to being successful on the coattails of his father.

Okay, to the book. I devoured this book in a matter of hours – it’s one of those ‘I cannot put this down. And for God’s sake, do not turn off that light! Jeez.’ It’s not horrifically scary, but it is deliciously creepy.

Basically, the story revolves around Judas Coyne, an aging rockstar, who has an obsession with collecting morbid/horror items – such as a real snuff film. Which is how he ends up buying a dead man’s suit, which allegedly has said dead man’s spirit attached to it. The idea of buying a poltergeist, and a suit, is something our aging rockstar cannot help himself from nabbing.

Of course, that allegedly haunted suit, is a very much haunted suit. And that spirit is one ticked off dead dude. Seriously.  I don’t really want to give any more of the story away, as it really is a brilliant book. The character of Jude is excellent, in my mind, he’s like a mash-up of Lemmy, Ozzy, Keith, and Mr May. Jude is a bit of a womaniser, so many groupies, so little time. And yea…I can’t really say too much more, without spoilering you =( but trust me, you need to read this book.

I used the phrase ‘deliciously creepy’, and I meant it. There’s some very…shall we say ‘interesting’ parts in this book, that are both very ‘ohmy!’, while also managing to be ‘urgh, creeper alert’. Damnit, I just wanna tell you all about it, as it’s once of my favourite parts…but then, you’d have no reason to have to read this brilliant book. Look. Read the book, then come back, and we’ll discuss the delicious creepiness together, yea? ;-P

I bought H-SB purely on the synopsis, and also how beautiful the book looked – the inside of the book is decorated with razorblades (the edition of it that I have, which is the edition pictured above) – it wasn’t until I had read the book twice, that I googled Joe Hill, to see what other books he had written – that’s when I found out who his father is. I’m just gonna be straight with you here, I’ve never read a Stephen King book =/ and honestly, I don’t intend to. The Shining (Shinning! xD) is one of my favourite films, but I’ve never felt compelled to read the novel. Sorry, Mr King! What I’m getting at, is that Joe is a brilliant writer, regardless of his parentage.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 2, 2012.

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