Sar’s ShOcktober// I’ll See You In My Dreams.

Welcome to (Sh)October, kids! This month, I’ll have either a new song, band, film, TV series, t-shirt/design, or book – to traumatise you with, and to get you into the Halloween mood. So, let’s begin as we mean to go forward.

Today, 1st of October 2012, I present for your viewing pleasure:

I’ll See You In My Dreams by Moonspell

Not only is the song amazing, but the music video is just awesome. Quite possibly one of the best MVs I have seen. Mr Romero envies this video =p

Moonspell are a heavy metal band, hailing from Portugal. The band has seen a fair few line-up changes over the years, but one thing has pretty much always stayed the same – they continue to make brilliant music. I suppose unofficially, the band have been in existence since 1989, although they went under a different name between 89-92.

Just because I want to show you that Mr Ribiero also has some of the smoothest sounding clean vocals, I’ve included the track Nocturna in the post too. You can never have enough Moonspell anyway =)

Nocturna by Moonspell

Hmm…I was tempted to also include Moonspell’s cover of Ozzy’s ‘Mr Crowley’, but Mr Crowley is going to get a mention later in the month anyway =)

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on October 1, 2012.

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