I’m not usually much of a fan of Muse. There’s the odd song that I really like, but overall, they’ve never really captured my attention. Until now. I absolutely adore the track ‘Madness’ – I literally cannot stop listening to this bloody song! One of my friends is a huge Muse fan, and he despises Madness…which obviously means he’s a weirdo =p

I just think Matt’s voice on this track is delightful. He’s so smooth sounding, sort of lulling you into dancing, swaying perhaps. Yea. This song is just awesome. What’s especially great about it, is loving this track so much made me dig out my ‘Origin of Symmetry’ CD – which I bought purely for ‘Bliss’ – and actually listen to the whole album, along with buying a few tracks for iTunes – Starlight, Time is Running Out, Hysteria, Undisclosed Desires (Destiel song right there!) & Knights of Cydonia. And I’m finding that I’m loving this band more, and more =O so yea. The 2nd Law is out this coming Monday, I will definitely be purchasing it, and you should too! ;-p oh yea, I almost forgot – Matt Bellamy is pure sex.

From 3:12 onwards, the song just becomes pure perfection, for me anyway. I’m not a big enough fan, and I don’t even know enough about the bands past musical style to be able to say ‘oh this is so Muse like’ or ‘OMFG! What are they doing!?’ – in my opinion, ‘Madness’ sounds amazing, I love it. So all I can/will say is – give it a listen or two, and don’t just write something off, just because it may be different to what you’re used to hearing from a band.

PS. Madness is available to buy now, it would be rude not to.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on September 29, 2012.

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