A little bit of this, that, and the other…

Today I shall be writing about…hmm, a bit of everything, me thinks.

See? Misha approves xD

Darksiders(1) is an awesome game. Seriously. I wrote it off when I first played it, as I was being impatient. Once you stop shouting at the game for you sucking so badly, it’s actually loads of fun. Mainly due to Mark Hamill’s voice as The Watcher. That voice…*guh!* So yea. Darksiders 1 (and 2 actually) are awesome games, just give them a decent try. Plus, you get to ride around of flamey horses…hello!? What’s not to love!?

I have a tendency to lose/kill my awesome horses/mounts…='( Shadowmere fell off a cliff, and never respawned at the DB lair. Frost then fell off a mountain…the point is, I have managed to not kill either Ruin (War’s horse) or Despair (Death’s horse)…Possibly due to their being invincible.

Singularity is another game that I thoroughly enjoyed, but got slammed like mad. Singularity is fun, damnit. It’s like BioShock, which is epic win for me. Singularity has an amazing story, the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) is awesome. The ending is just…yea, I loved it. It’s once of those games (like BioShock1) where you’d be happy playing through again, just because of how good the story is. So yea, kids. Give the games branded as ‘rubbish’ a try. Whereas you get people going ‘OMFG! MW3 is like the best game ever!’ – yea. It is. If you’re 13, an idiot, and enjoy pitching a tent. *shakes head*

Actually, am I the only person a bit =/ about BioShock Infinite…? I adore Rapture, okay? Sometimes I just wanna go to the Sea Life Centre, and stand in those tunnels, where you’re ‘underwater’…and for a Big Daddy to come barrelling by, maybe being chased by a few Splicers…he’d put me on his shoulder, and we’d go harvest ADAM together. It makes me so sad…’cause it’ll never happen ='( but I can dream, damnit! I can dream!

The film ‘Shark Night’ is truly awful. I’m a huge fan of shark films, but seriously…that film is just awful. I’m a huge fan of B horror films, I find them hilarious. I couldn’t really even laugh at this film though…I basically sat, and watched the entire thing…while constantly critiquing it, ranting, and questioning the characters braincells. Of which they had 2, between all of them. Yea, avoid this film. I had to watch Jaws after it, just to wash away the painful Shark Night induced memories.

‘Kingdom of the Wicked’, the latest Skulduggery Pleasant book, was awesome! I devoured that book in less than 10 hours. Derek Landy is a brilliant author. The only problem I ever have with the Skulduggery series, is that the books end to soon. Also, Mr Landy needs to start releasing a new SP book per week.

The Walking Dead arcade game series by TellTale Games is so incredibly addictive! Each episode manages to be tense, entertaining, suspenseful, makes me make lots of nail biting decisions…need I go on? Each episode is 400 Microsoft Points, just download them already. They rock. They each offer about 2-3 hours of gameplay, depending on how much you wander/wish to view everything. There isn’t tons of action, or even tons of zombie appearances. Which I actually really like, because it helps to build so much damn tension – while also trying to get the point across that you’re not just at risk from the dead, but also the living. I can’t wait for episode 4 ^_^

Restaurant Story and Bakery Story are my newest addictions. It’s highly likely that those close to me are going to have to stage an intervention. Sometime very soon. Seriously. Send me paint, damnit! Why can’t real life neighbours be like my Bakery Story neighbours…? They’d pop round when I’m not there, leave me tips, and send me gifts. Perfect neighbours.

This was more like one of my elljay posts. Oh well!

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on September 5, 2012.

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