Love is Love is Love

You know, sexuality is something I never quite ‘get’. This is due to the fact that I don’t truly believe in sexuality. I don’t believe you can be attracted to just one type of person. Love is love is love. No matter who that love is between. As long as everyone is of legal age, and is fully consenting, then what’s the problem?

I take the pan-sexual viewpoint. Anyone, at any time, can be attracted to (or fall in love) with anyone – male, female or whatever else. It’s about loving the person, not what sexual organs they possess.

Why would anyone need to be told it’s legal or even acceptable to marry the person they love? Since when the Hell is love illegal? Can we help who we fall in love with? No. So who decided to be boss, and deem same sex marriages illegal? Please, don’t give me the ‘God hates same sex relationships/they’ll burn in Hell/whatever other prejudiced opinions idiots have these days.’ I’m not the most religious person around, to be quite honest, I’m not even sure what or even if I believe in anything. However…if I was religious, and I believed my God to be a loving ‘father’/creator/whatever- then I’d believe that he loves you regardless of who you decide to be with.

I just really hate that a M/F couple can walk down the street holding hands, and no one will even notice/care. But if a same sex couple walk down the street holding hands, suddenly it’s everyone’s business, and everyone has an opinion on it. Who the Hell are you to judge them? Do you think they’re looking at all the M/F couples, turning to each other and saying – ‘OMG! That’s so straight. Ew!’ No, they’re probably not doing that.

Another thing I really hate is the fact that some individuals will hide their sexual preferences, for fear of being victimised. It’s not anyone’s damn business who anyone decides to love or have sex with! Like I said, legal age and fully consensual, then let whoever it is get on with it!

One of the most common ‘insults’ is to call someone ‘gay’ or do the ‘OMG that’s so gay!’ – is that meant in the sense of ‘OMG! Two consenting adults who are in love, having awesome sex without fear of pregnancy!’ (I believe I saw a version of that line on LJ aka my regular hangout, can’t remember exactly where it was I saw it, but credit to that person!) then yea, that’s totally gay.

This post is due to an extremely stupid individual sending me an extremely stupid email. Some people truly are idjits.

Note: image is from fanpop, credit to whoever created it.

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