Newsflesh: Feed

Spoilers for book 1 of the Newsflesh trilogy, avoid if you wish to remain ‘unspoilered’.

Seriously. Leave now.

I mean it!

Haha…made you look…=p

I’ve just finished book 1 of the Newsflesh trilogy – ‘Feed’ – by Mira Grant. It’s a book (series, in fact) that hasn’t always received purely positive feedback…

I was hooked by the second chapter. Yes, it’s about ‘the zombie apocalypse’…but it’s also about the unbreakable bond between siblings (adoptive), it’s about the paranoia that a disease creates, it’s about a political coverup, it’s about zombified horses running amok, a blonde computer wiz chick named Buffy (I think she should have been called Willow, but whatever floats Mira’s boat), it’s about driving a motorbike through & over the undead…kids, if you’re not interested by now, then you’re never going to be.

I’m going through a zombie fiction phase…addiction type thing. Which is why I’ve read over 22 zombie centric books in the past 3 weeks. Reading is one of my all time favourite pastimes, and reading about zombies is my new drug of choice. (my previous drug of choice being ice cold Sprite…and Bakery Story…)

So yea, onto the book…

The thing I loved the most, wasn’t the zombies (shocking, I know), but the devotion, and interaction between Georgia ‘George’ Mason (a ‘Newsie’ aka writes about the news, and wishes to write nothing but the truth, the whole bloody truth) and Shaun Mason (an ‘Irwin’ aka pokes dead things, while recording it). Both adopted as babies by the rating hungry Mr & Mrs Mason. The truth is…how the interactions have been written reminds me so much of how my brothers and I interact…

The three of us are utterly devoted to one another. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for either one of them, and I know there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for me or each other. We’re not just siblings, we’re each others confidants, biggest supporters…when something is wrong with one of us, the other two just know. It is like a sixth sense. They’re not just my brothers, they’re more like an extension of myself. It sounds lame or whatever, but they’re the missing pieces that make me who I am. So yea, I adored the way Georgia and Shaun interacted, and how they always sought comfort from the other.

The zombies were extremely interesting, as how someone transitions from human to zombie was explained in pretty good detail. The concept is, the common cold has been cured, as has cancer…the only problem is that the cures reacted badly to one another, creating the zombie virus. The infection is dormant in everyone, until they die or are bitten.

I don’t want to give too much away…as I know a few people who will read this, and will want to lend the book from me. But basically, this book (and I imagine the other 2 in the trilogy) is now on my list of ‘absolute must read zombie centric books ^_^’. Yes, the list exists (it’s private on my elljay)…it it likely to end up on here, at some point.

As a side note, the character ‘Buffy’ is a ‘Fictional’ aka she writes poetry or dodgy romance pieces. I mention her, as I think I’d be a fictional, with a splash of Irwin.

This entry was created on my iPod, so apologies for any dodgy spelling! Now, go buy the Newsflesh trilogy already.

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