Things I do & do not want for Supernatural S8

*switches lightbulb to red* Alert! Alert! Spoiler Alert! Please do not read this post if you have not seen Supernatural S1-7.

Okay, so I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone who reads anything here, that I’m a bit of a Supernatural fan (read: completely obsessed). Seeing as S8 has just started shooting, I figured I’d indulge in some fangirling, and write about some of the things I’d love to see in S8, and things I’m not particularly interested in seeing…

Purgatory – I know that for budgeting reasons, we won’t get to see tons of Purgatory, but I’d like to see some of it. Plus, some of the beasties there. I’d love Gordon Walker to make an appearance, maybe ‘kidnap’ Dean…? Maybe try to reason with Dean, to help him break out of Purgatory too? Inevitably, Dean would escape. I was gonna say kill him, but he’s already dead…double dead, really. Anyway. Yes. I hate the idea of Cas just leaving Dean in Purgatory (why 7.23, why!?) – can Cas’ disappearance be explained away by Cas being forcefully expelled from Purgatory, due to his Grace? Then have Dean kick some ass, and survive on his own.

Badass Dean – I adore the character of Dean, but since S4 he’s been rather weary. He’s only really been ‘getting on with it’ for Sam’s sake, and to prevent the end of the world. I’d love for Dean to be backed into a corner, realise his self worth, then come out fighting – not for Sam, but for himself.

Hugs – Dean & Sam need to hug more. Lots more. I want a heart felt, hugathon of a reunion between the brothers.

Gabriel/Trickster – we need Gabe back. He brightens up the show so much. He’s not only hilarious, but he’s just an awesome character. ‘Hammer of the Gods’ remains one of my favourite episodes, solely down to Gabriel (the amazing Richard Speight Jr.). He’s cheeky, and fun – the show needs the Trickster!

Balthazar – damnit Supernatural, stop killing off all the awesome characters! Balthazar was a lot like Gabriel, in the cheeky/adorable department. Yes, Supernatural is supposed to primarily be about Sam & Dean – but the show is so much more than just the Winchester’s now. Heaven’s Host had some great characters, that kept getting smited. Stop with the smiting, bring back the awesomely Wayward Angels aka Balthazar, Gabriel & Anna.

Young John & Mary Winchester – I really would love to see more of young John & Mary – the scenes with Mary realising Sam & Dean are her sons, is just lovely…Sammy telling her she’s beautiful ^_^. Plus, young John Winchester rocks – whether he’s being a vessel for Michael or just the supernaturally oblivious husband of Mary – I want more Matt Cohen! I’d actually love to see young John meet old John, I think that could be a pretty fun episode. Young John would be very -.- at old John, and old John would just want to punch his younger self.

Young Sam – Colin Ford is brilliant as little Sammy Winchester, and it’d be nice to see more of Sam’s childhood. How he struggles to be normal, while also being press-ganged into being a hunter. Maybe a flashback episode of Sam trying to run away from his hunter lifestyle, then inevitably returning to a life he isn’t all that thrilled about.

Meg – I actually really like the character of Meg. She’s sarky, and full of attitude – what’s not to like? She’s pretty much the only female left in the show, so let’s try not to end her too, yea? Also, I adore Rachel Miner, I think she portrays Meg brilliantly. So there! =p

Crowley – Mark Sheppard is amazing. The King of Hell needs more airtime, damnit! Also, could I please just see his eyes flash red, just once? Although…as he’s the King of Hell now, will his eye flash have changed colour…? Regardless, Crowley eye flash please! Also, Crowley needs to insult Sam more, as I cannot do anything other than giggle like a loon when he belittles him.

Dick Roman – James Patrick Stuart is bloody amazing, he manages to be deliciously creepy, and you’re left confused as to whether you should hate him or bow down to him. I don’t care if it’s in flashbacks or whatever, just give us more Dick. Yes, I did just say that.

Sam’s love interest – I think it will be nice for Sam to get some ‘action’. But, I really don’t want Sam’s life to suddenly revolve around her. Or for him to be head over heels for her, and choose her over Dean. That would make me cry. A lot.

A decade of Supernatural – this needs to happen. Please do not let S8 be it for Supernatural.

Episodes not focused solely on the Winchester boys – one of my favourite episodes from S6 was ‘Weekend at Bobby’s’. Yes, Sam & Dean are the ‘main’ attraction, but the supporting characters are just as vital. I’d really love to see more episodes focusing on other characters, and how they handle being hunters, and what they do while Sam & Dean aren’t calling them for help/beating them up/banishing them. A Crowley centric episode would be awesome, I’d really love to see more of Crowley’s version of Hell. (And now I’m giggling at the memory of Crowley in the picture on the wall in Hell xD!)

Family don’t end with blood – the Winchester’s need Bobby. He’s their rock. He’s the father figure that the boys so desperately need, bring back Bobby! No one ever really dies on Supernatural anyway.

Adam Milligan – I really hate that he’s just been left to rot in the cage. This is gonna sound really weird, and possibly too obsessive, but whatever – family is everything to Dean, he’s fought tooth and nail to keep Sam alive, sold his soul, bargained with Death for Sam – so why not Adam? He’s the youngest Winchester, and doesn’t deserve to just be tortured for the rest of eternity, by two hacked off Archangels. During one of Sam’s mental breakdowns, surely he would have given thought to poor Adam, and what he’s going through in the cage? Operation ‘break Adam out of Hell’ needs to happen.

Lucifer – Mark Pellegrino is one of the cast that at first, I was unsure of, now? I cannot get enough of the man. 7.17 is an awesome episode, purely down to Lucifer’s torment of Sam. The firecracker throwing, while Sam just cringes…amazing. Lucifer (and Michael, actually) need to break out of the cage, and torment the Winchester’s some more. Also, Sam & Lucifer actually ‘talking’ to one another, am I the only person that was begging for more of that? Lucifer was a figment of Sam’s troubled imagination, and Lucy pointing out things (that Sam had obviously noticed, but chosen to be oblivious of) was awesome. I sort of wanted Sam to keep the Lucifer hallucinations =/.

Castiel – I’m just gonna state this for the record, I am a total Cas girl. I adore Misha Collins, I think he should move in with me xD but, I don’t just want Cas in S8, because of my adoration of the Overlord. I actually really like the character of Castiel, primarily early Cas – the awkward, personal space oblivious, virginal Cas. Also…I’m sorry, but I love whumped!Cas =/ everytime he bled, I fangirled and *guh*’d. Misha Collins rocks the bloody look, okay? Plus, I think that fact that Cas bled so often, was an indication of how little regard Castiel had for his vessel. Cas is made of Grace, not flesh and bone, so obviously he’d have no regard for physical injury to his meat-suit. Also, I just went off on one of my Cas-centric tangents, didn’t I? >.< apologies. Back to the scheduled fangirling.

Soulless Sam – while I was happy once Sam was back to ‘normal’ (or as normal as Sammy can get), I really did love how cold, manipulative, and downright calculating soulless Sam was. That look on Jared’s face, when Dean is being fed vampire blood…woah. Mr. Padalecki, that look made ovaries everywhere explode.

The French Mistake – I love the silly episodes of Supernatural, and personally, I’d love to see more of them. Maybe Dean & Sam could meet Jensen & Jared? Resulting in giggles, and shenanigans, obviously.

Harvelle’s Roadhouse – I really loved the idea of a hunter bar/hangout, and while the Harvelle’s, and their roadhouse are no more – could we maybe get a new roadhouse? Somewhere for the boys to crash at times, and also to get their intel from? If they can’t have the Harvelle’s roadhouse or Bobby’s place, they at least need somewhere slightly ‘homely’.

Kevin Tran & Chuck Shurley – can we maybe get the Prophets together? Once Kevin’s been rescued, of course. Also, is Chuck God? Honestly, I really think he is. Chuck’s weary, washed out, slightly damaged…he’d totally be God’s vessel. The Winchester Gospel is technically on-going, so we need Chuck back. Maybe the boys could be informed or find a ‘new’ series of the books, and track Chuck down? Maybe use him as their intel guy, and move him into their new (in my mind) roadhouse? Kevin & Chuck/God could be roomies!

Ghostfacers – bring them back! ‘We face the faceless, we face the dead!’ – seriously, just bring the Ghostfacers back, maybe they could hangout at my brains new roadhouse too? Everyone’s gonna end up living in that new, completely fake, roadhouse.

Prank Wars – remember when Sam & Dean weren’t damaged, world weary soldiers? I’m guessing no, you don’t remember. When was the last time the boys could just sit on the hood of the Impala, drink a beer, and relax? Dean & Sammy need a break, and to get back to the cute little pranks they played on each other in 1.17, the spoon…xD okay, maybe we can pass on the prank wars (save it for the gag reels!), but a few moments for the boys to just breathe easy, and relax would be nice. (All this relaxing would of course happen in my brains new, fake, roadhouse.)

Death & the other Horsemen – the character of Death is brilliant, Julian Richings portrays the character so well. I’d really love the see more of Death, and the other three Horsemen actually. Maybe War, Pestilence, and Famine could regain their strength, and come back with revenge on their minds? Could be an interesting couple of episodes, the four Horsemen vs the Winchester boys, a sarky demon, and their Wayward Angel.

Falling off the Wagon – I really do not want Sam to go back on the demon blood. It was great in S4 (mentioned S5), but please…no more blood for Sam. He’s better than that, he doesn’t need the blood (or his freaky powers) to kick some serious ass.

Leviathans – maybe bring this storyline to a complete end? Obviously, it hasn’t ended with Dick’s death/return to Purgatory, so could it maybe be wrapped up? Or at least put on the back burner, to focus on bigger/badder enemies. Mainly due to my not thinking the Leviathans are all that badass =/ Lucifer is THE big bad, anyone else is just child’s play, really. Don’t get me wrong, Dick Roman was pretty badass (I sort of despise him, on behalf of Bobby – even though I mentioned earlier that I’d love to see him return), but really…the Leviathans weren’t ALL that, sure they’re nigh impossible to kill, but I didn’t really see them as worse than previous ‘bosses’ =/ or maybe I’m just hard to please =/.

The Impala aka Baby – I missed Baby so much last season. Please can she be fixed, and back to being driven only by Dean? Dean needs his Baby!

Zombies – I know we had zombies in ‘Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid’, but you can never have too many zombies, right? Right!? I like zombies, okay? I’d even settle for some more Croats. I just want Sam & Dean fighting off the zombie/Croat hordes.

Sam & Dean – once they’re reunited, it would be nice if they could stay that way. No more shutting each other out, arguing, solo hunts – can they just get along? Fight the good fight, by each others side. I like the unhealthy co-dependent relationship. *shrugs* Also, the boys being happy, even just a little bit, would be really nice.

Okay, I’m gonna stop rambling now. Might update this, as I think of more things I’d love to see happen.

All images from google search results.

Thank you to Supernatural for entertaining (and making me obsessive) me since September ’05.

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