How Promising is Prometheus…? *Spoiler Alert*

Warning! Public Service Announcement! Spoiler Alert!DO NOT read this post, if you have not seen the film, ‘Prometheus’, or plan on seeing it. 

Seriously, last chance to turn back now. 


Right. So I went to see the movie, Prometheus tonight. And, I’m not gonna pull any punches here, I didn’t enjoy it. Not one bit =/ first of all, I genuinely have no clue what the Hell was going on, most of the time. The characters were uninteresting, and…sort of wooden. I appreciate Michael Fassbender appearing that way, due to his…robotness. 

The film just left me with loads of unanswered questions. Such as: what ‘team’ was Michael Fassbender’s character on? I have no clue what the point of his character was. He pretty much killed one crew member, after letting said crew member impregnate his girlfriend, with an alien. Then he’s being all weird, and downright creepy towards the impregnated woman…then he’s trying to help her. Then there’s the old dude, who was presumed dead, but was in fact just hiding out on the ship…I understand that he wanted to not die, perhaps be made younger again, but that part of the story just seemed really…ill thought out. It seemed like it was a case of, ‘we’ve got this actor spare…erm…I know. Let’s doll him up as an old bloke, it’ll work a dream!’ I just don’t get it =/ 

The “alien caesarian” scene…yea, I didn’t enjoy that either. It was just stomach turning. I pretty much just looked away during that scene, as I really hate watching scenes of a medial/surgical nature. 

Then there’s the tall, extremely pale people…and the whole ‘they’re our makers, blah blah blah’, then said ‘maker’ turns on them, and murders pretty much the crew. Well, what’s left of the crew anyway. 

Oh yea. The guy that did the impregnating – what exactly was the point of Fassbender…poisoning his drink? He went all crazy, undead sort of person…and didn’t seem to be dying, then suddenly sort of just goes ‘meh, bored now. *dies*’. What was the point in that? 

It almost seemed like a second film, in a trilogy, as opposed to a ‘prequel’. I just felt like I was missing an important part of the plot throughout it. I mean, there were some lovely special effects, but overall…pretty effects, can’t cover up all the plot holes, and sheer randomness of the film. As opposed to answering questions people had from the Alien films, it’s just created for questions. The giant face hugger was sort of cool…but not cool enough to make up for a most unimpressive fiilm.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just too stupid to ‘get’ it? Definite possibility. =S

I’m sorry to be so negative about it, but yea. It’s my opinion. If you enjoyed it, please feel free to comment, and maybe point out things that I missed? I’m serious when I say, I was pretty much lost the entire way through the film. =/

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on June 2, 2012.

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