Conventionally Speaking…

So from the 18-20th of May 2012, I attended my very first Supernatural convention, aka A8: Weekend at Bobby’s 2. And yea…the only way to describe my experience is by using 2 words – ‘mind blowing’. It was amazing.

I’ve been a massive Supernatural fan since way back in 2005, when it would air on a Sunday night at 9pm…and I’d just sit glued to the TV. Since then, the Winchesters have become really rather popular. So much so, that the Supernatural Fandom, has literally become the ‘Supernatural Family’. And the amazing thing is…we really are like family.

I attended the convention alone, and at first, I was really shy…and then I started on the free beers. Let’s just say, I was in a lovely state over the weekend. I’m extremely happy to say that I made a few new friends, one of which is amazing – she’s completely insane, and am absolutely amazing artist.

The point of this post is to say that, I love being a member of the ‘SPNFamily’. I love that there’s a whole bunch of us, who don’t even know each other, but will happily smile, and include one another. This is why I adore ‘our’ fandom, so much. We’re each different, but all united in our love/obsession with the Winchesters, and company.

I’m happy to say that I am attending A9: Hammer of the Gods, and I literally cannot wait.

Also…how surreal is it, to watch Supernatural now, and be able to think ‘I hugged him…’/’I gave him a monkey!’ – long story lol.

It really was one of the best experiences…of my life, really. I never realised just how lovely people can be, to complete strangers. Also – how beautiful are the cast & crew? Not just physically, but as people. They’re so down to earth, so…real. Yea…if possible, I love Supernatural even more now.

So finally, thank you to the amazing people that make Supernatural, and to our amazing fandom, and of course to the ever patient/helpful RogueEvent staff!

PS. SuperWhoLock needs to happen!

PPS. Remember, EVERYTHING is on tumblr! xD Including me now! – zombielikeninja tumblr =)

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