DoDoGo! Robo Review

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go back in time and train the Dodo’s of old, on how to actually not die. You are D-8000, a Dodo cyborg from the future…and this is your story…

DodoGo! Robo is a very simple and cute, pick-up and play sort of game. On each level there’s a ‘crash test robotic…eggy’, the objective is to get said eggy to the finish line, while also collecting the small ‘target’ tokens scattered throughout each level. Sounds simple, no? No, exactly. Nothing is ever that easy!

Now the robo eggy’s aren’t the brightest yolks in the bunch, so when the level starts they just roll, and if they happen to roll into mid air – and go splat… then so be it. This is where you come in  handy. ‘Toolz’ mode allows you to edit the level, by adding beams of wood, so that the robo eggy’s won’t go splat. Yay! No cracked eggs here! The levels can be almost frustrating at points, as you’ll set everything up, your robo egg starts rolling…then goes careening off a cliff at the very last moment. So back to the beginning of the level we go… damn those synthetic robo eggs!

I have to admit, I haven’t played the first DoDoGo! game – but I’ve heard that it’s very fun, but slightly more in-depth than Robo. So perhaps DodoGo! Robo could be a nice and simple entry point, if you’re interested in trying out the games. Plus Robo is a mere 200 Nintendo Points, which is brilliant value, as this really is a great little game. We salute you, Neko Entertainment, on an egg-selent little DSiWare game!

DoDoGo! Robo rolls itself an egg-stremely well deserved 4/5.

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