24hr Tshirts//RIPT – ‘To Hell & Back World Tour’ by Mandingo

I’m a 24 hour tshirt addict. I absolutely love RIPT, TeeFury, QwerTee, etcetc. These amazing designs only cost $10! That works out at about £6.15 – which is an amazing price, for a unique design! You can go into any high street shop, and buy an okay design (one you’re gonna see on numerous other people), and pay £15+ for it…here you’re paying less than half that, and I doubt many people are gonna be rocking the same epic t as you. Anyway! I’ve decided to ‘blog’ about a 24 hour tshirt, if I love the design.

And I really love this design! I have countless Supernatural tshirts now, but I just can’t resist this one! Not only is it awesome, but you can totally see Dean being a rockstar, with Sammy on bass guitar – being all emo…=p yea, great design. If you’re a Supernatural fan, you know you need this in your wardrobe. Do the right thing, SPNFamily 😉

Also – kudos to the excellent ‘Mandingo’, brilliant design. Mandingo’s website can be found right here – mannypeters.com/ & of course the tshirt can be found right here – http://riptapparel.com/ for the next 24 hours! Check the designers website, buy your $10/£6 tshirt from RIPTApparel, keep calm & carry on (my wayward son), and remember to check RIPT everyday – for a new design!

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 29, 2012.

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