The Mass-ively Effect-ive Insanity Run…

I’m quite pleased to say that I’ve completed Mass Effect 3 on insanity, and I didn’t find it all that challenging. The only parts I struggled with was the ‘Rannoch Reaper’, and the ‘Kai Leng waves’ fight – until I realised that you don’t even need to pay attention to him, just stay away from him, defeat the 3 waves of enemies, then watch the cut-scene. So yea, ME3 is 100% complete, with 1050GamerScore acquired. 

Seeing as a good friend is only just really getting into the ME series, I’ve agreed to playthrough ME2 with them. They’re playing on normal, I believe, I’m playing on insanity…and seriously, ME2 on insanity is way harder than ME3! It’s not impossible, but there’s definitely some strategy required to play. You’ve got to really focus on using your team-mates, and their skills/abilities to your advantage. I just can’t wait to nab Legion – loyal Legion & loyal Miranda paired up, unbeatable.

I’ve only got the 75GS insanity achievement left on the original ME2 achievements list, then I’ve got a bunch on DLC achievements to clear up too. I think I still need to buy a couple of the DLC packs too…the Overlord one, definitely…possibly Arrival too…I can’t remember. Anyway, my nights will now be filled with a ME2 insanity run. It’s gonna take a heck of a lot of patience.

I’m also thinking that I should play through ME1 on insanity too…I’ve only actually played ME1 once, so an insanity play through would clear up some extra achievements, and give me the chance to enjoy the start of the series, all over again. Tis a plan!

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