The Rannoch Reaper

On my first play through of Mass Effect 3, the ‘Rannoch Reaper boss fight’ is the only time I had trouble. I died more times than I can even remember. I essentially completed it, through sheer luck…or so I thought.

I’m now playing through on insanity, and I’ve had even more trouble defeating this bloody Reaper. Until…I finally stopped being so dense, and realised that when you aim the targeting laser, there is a small laser sight – that has to be aligned perfectly with the Reapers ‘open eye’ thing.

You do need to strafe. On the first assault – move right, until the Reaper is locked on course, then roll left again, target – rinse and repeat. Once you’ve got the laser ‘locked in’, make sure the small red laser sight is directly targeting the centre of the Reapers ‘eye’, while it’s firing. Second assault, exactly the same method, but go left, then roll right. Third assault, move further back (I started out quite far forward), move right, roll left. Laser the heck out of it. Final assault just target the ‘eye’ thingy, and hey presto! It’s dead.

I know that’s not a very good explanation, but you can figure it out yourself (the strafing pattern) – just remember to get the targeting laser dead centre on the firing Reaper ‘eye’ bit. I had tons of trouble with this ‘boss’, until I realised what I was doing wrong. I imagine I’m the only one who struggled, as much as I did. But just in-case anyone else has had as much bother, the advice is here =)

Also, it’s slightly ridiculous just how happy I was, once the big guy finally went down. I may have done a small victory boogie.

2 thoughts on “The Rannoch Reaper

  1. I don’t think doing a victory dance is at all out of place. Even with the strafing technique I can’t land more than one hit on the damned thing on insanity. Every other difficulty, the reaper is the lamest boss fight ever. So easy. On insanity… i’ve been at it for an hour. i’m done. The game can go to Hell. An achievement isn’t worth the repetitive stress disorder i’m developing with this damned thing. I’m just about willing to pay someone to beat it for me. Disgusting. I’d dance… and I don’t dance… and again… i’d dance.

    1. Mate, it infuriated me for bloody ages! It’s not even about skill, it’s pretty much just sheer dumb luck. I’ve got fast gaming reflexes, SpiderWoman style, so I was always constantly moving, and managing the odd eye shot.

      It’s been like a month since you left this message, had any luck since…? If not, walk away and play on something mindless. Be relaxed, and go back to it. Don’t focus on wanting an achievement or a trophy, become Shepherd. Be one with your Shep =p be patient and seriously, if it’s doing your head in – then you’re right, no amount of stress and irritation is worth it just for a stupid achievement. Stupid BioWare and their bloody Reapers.

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