What to watch tonight…? Raging Phoenix.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to have a flick through Netflix, to see if there was anything worth watching. I was going to just settle for some South Park, but ‘Raging Phoenix’ caught my eye. I read the short synopsis, and it sounded alright.

“After she’s rescued from a gang of human traffickers, a woman trains in the martial arts and sets out to get revenge on her would-be victimizers.”

I wasn’t expecting much, I was actually expecting to turn it off. However, this film is actually pretty awesome! The plot is a bit silly, and random, but the fight scenes! Ar man! They’re amazing! I’m a huge fan of martial arts films, and yea, this one is definitely worth a watch, or 5.

The female lead, Yanin “Jeeja” Vismitananda, is absolutely brilliant. As are her male co-stars. But she really stood out for me, mainly because at the start, I thought she seemed a little irritating. By the end, I was a fan.

Basically, women in Thailand are being kidnapped, because of their scent – like I said, a bit random.The characters – Sanim, Pig, Dog & Bull have all had women taken from them (Sanim’s wife, Dog’s wife – Pig is Dog’s brother and just along for the ride, and Bull’s sister). Anyway, they help out Deu, and teach her the way of drunken martial arts. Then lots of fighting ensues! There’s some brilliant team fighting with Sanim (Kazu Patrick Tang) and Deu, this film really does have very good choreography.

After enjoying this film as much, I’m really pleased to have taken out a subscription with Netflix. Decided to try watching a new film a couple of times a week, and if it’s any good – I’ll write about it here! So yea, if you have Netflix (or Lovefilm/whatever) – do give this film a watch! It’s silly, but I couldn’t look away from it. The characters of ‘Pig’ & ‘Dog’ are hilarious, and ‘Sanim’ is…yea, he’s gorgeous. Great film ^_^

The second fight scene, which is just awesome…

And just a Jeeja fight scene…

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