Awesome Female Game Characters – Lightning & Serah Farron

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to the cohorts about female game characters – playable & NPC – and we came up with quite a lot of awesome ones. So I’ve decided, over the next…however long, I’m gonna run through some of my personal favourites. Starting with Claire aka Lightning & Serah Farron, of Final Fantasy XIII/-2.

I adore Lightning, I really loved how distant, and cold she appeared at the start of them game. And how over time, she mellowed. I really enjoyed her interactions with the other characters too, especially so with Hope. I also just loved that Lightning was the primary protagonist, and she wasn’t just some huge boobed, annoying girl. Light just has a real… strength of character, about her. 

I love Lightning’s FFXIII outfit, it’s sexy, but also very combat efficient. I’m not entirely sure if I 100% love  her outfit in FFXIII-2, although the feathers are beautiful looking. I’m also not entirely sure about the shield =/ I really love her gunblade, and some of the animations for her moves in FFXIII are stunning.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Serah in FFXIII, she just annoyed me in the cut-scenes. I don’t know why, but I’m really loving her look in the second instalment, I think it’s her weapon – the bowblade ^_^ I really can’t wait to get FFXIII-2 tomorrow! Got the collector’s edition pre-ordered, and the entire weekend will probably be spent in front of my TV. 

I’m actually really ashamed to admit that I haven’t completed FFXIII, yet! I plan on storming it tonight. I don’t even know why I stopped playing, to be honest…think it was just an onslaught of multiplayer games. Plus, I always feel really rude when I’m playing FFXIII, while in party chat – as I have a habit of talking to the characters (it’s not insane, I just encourage Hope on, telling him to stop being so emo, and just heal me already) – and I also have a habit of getting quite engrossed, and completely zoning out. Doh! I love the Final Fantasy games ^_^

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