Mrs Brown’s Boys

I haven’t had an upsetting day, but I was a bit annoyed this morning, I really do hate being lied to. I’m straight with you, so be straight with me. But regardless, I’m feeling like my old self again – with a little help from ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’. If you haven’t seen this show before, you’re missing out. It is absolutely brilliant! Even the actors can’t do their job properly, for laughing.

Tonight’s episode was especially funny. The part where Agnes was singing:

‘There was a young sailor who sat on the dock, shaking and waving his big hairy…fist! He had a boyfriend and he liked to hunt, he sat by the river eating the…sandwiches!’

Ar man, I couldn’t stop giggling! I absolutely love this show, it never fails to make me chuckle, and to cheer me up. Roll on the next episode!

21 thoughts on “Mrs Brown’s Boys

  1. I can’t wait until my next fix comes in the shape of a Christmas special AND a Boxing Day episode! Outrageously funny with a lot of heart and unforgettable characters, Brendan O’Carroll has struck gold with this superior sitcom creation. Nothing else has made me laugh this much since Mrs. Doyle’s antics on Father Ted…

  2. We love Brendan O’Carroll (Agnes Brown) and Brendan’s “real life family and friends.” performing Mrs Brown’s Boy’s!” We live in Washington State, United States. Our ancestry is Irish! We are hoping after this year of being on-tour performing their show live (2014), that they will enlighten us again (2015) by returning to making more episodes of the TV series again! We sure hope they do! It’s our favorite (“favourite” for you in the UK) TV comedy series!

    1. I’ve only taken a few months to reply to this, I fail at life. I assume you’ll have seen/will be seeing ‘D’Movie’? I still need to see it, but the ads make it look insanely funny. Blind ninja school xD

  3. We have not seen the “D’Movie” as yet. Since we live in the U.S.A. we might have to wait until the movie comes out on DVD. Have not seen it listed in theaters here in the U.S.A. It’s hard to find the TV series in the format we use in the U.S. to purchase the TV shows online! We have watched series 1,2,and 3 over and over (on the Internet) and it’s always funny. What can be said on TV in the U.K. is (much less restrictive) than would be allowed on network television in the U.S. unless it “might be” allowed on Cable TV channels only. The language in Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s would be offensive to some viewers, but it is part of what makes the show comical besides leaving in the errors and mistakes. That’s funny! Would like to hear replies from others! Still do hope more TV episodes are made in 2015. We’ve seen on Season 4 that appears to be the older episodes when the show was filmed on location instead of in a studio with the audience. The older series didn’t seem as funny to us and Agnes Brown has been changed somewhat to be more presentable in her image. They do a great job! Larry and Allan in the U.S.A.

    1. Aw, I assumed you’d get it over there =( though, thinking about it, it’s probably not a worldwide sort of thing, sadly enough. We’ve currently got repeats of S2 on BBC at the moment, it’s such a great show. Loads of Brendan’s mannerisms for Mrs B are so on point, my Gran used to do or say things like Brendan does. It’s just a great, uplifting sort of show. Really hope you get ‘D’Movie’ and future series asap! Agnes Brown for Prime Minister…or President, for you guys lol =)

      1. Thanks for your reply! We love the show (Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s) too! I heard that Brendan had been offered to do a series for the U.S.A. but was told he would have to not use the foul language that is in the British series. He refused to change his scrips and I don’t blame him for that. It would ruin the show! Now, I don’t know for sure if this truly happened to Brendan or not, but I did read somewhere online about this. Allan and I are true American’s. Allan grew up in New York State and myself in Washington State. Our ancestry is Irish for both of us! We are both divorced and our children are now adults. We believe that Mrs.Brown’s Boy’s is one of the funniest TV shows and Brendan and his family and friends are perfect in creating their characters! We do hope that they will make more of the TV series again! I would buy the shows on DVD (formatted for the U.S.) if I could find them to purchase. I’ve seen a few are available! We watch online from and some are on YouTube. Let us know about you and your life in the U.K.

      2. The weird thing about the show is that the bad language doesn’t really come across as offensive – because it’s not said in malice or anything, it’s all said in good fun and jest. Life in the UK isn’t all that interesting lol I’m a video game designer, it rains a lot (and when it’s sunny I complain, I hate heat) which I’m fine with. I’m from the North East, so I have an…interesting accent. Not married, no kids, very much a freebird here. And…I think my ancestry is Scottish =)

      3. Good to hear back from you! If you don’t like warm weather you would not want to be where I live (during the summer). Though we have hills and mountains and rivers it is a desert climate on the (eastern side) of Washington State. We have many wineries and grape vineyards in our region. Today the temperature is around 109* Fahrenheit which is hotter than usual but has been in the 100 temp. range all week. I’ve never been to the U.K. but would love to visit, but I know I’ll never be able to afford a trip there. I can’t even afford to take a trip here! I’m guessing that you are young, but I won’t ask how old you are. I was married (one time) and my wife and I had three children, a daughter and two son’s. They are all adult’s now! My daughter is married, but not my son’s (as least not yet.)

        So you’re a video game designer! Sounds like interesting work. I’d love to hear more about the U.K. from you, whatever you’ed like to share with me.

        I agree with you about the language in Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s. It isn’t used in an offensive way and it is funny! I’m not sure what Brendan did in modifying Agnes Brown’s character (from the older series) that was filmed on location but to me the older series was not as comical and the last three seasons made for TV (in a studio) with an audience is very good! Agnes was a little more “crude” looking in the older series and had a darker wig and “two moles” by her chin instead of the one mole that is used now! I like it when he alibis in his script’s and get’s his cast members laughing so hard they fall out of character briefly. Remember the episode when Agnes and Rory are at the kitchen table talking and accidentally Rory’s cell phone starts ringing (in his pocket?) That wasn’t suppose to be in the script as well as TV camera’s moving across the kitchen and one busting out the kitchen window. I’m glad they leave those mistakes (or bloopers as we call them here) in the show! It ads to the show!

        I’d love to hear more from you anytime! Larry

      4. It’s been a very stressful week >..<

        Not sure if I've already asked/you've told me, but how did you find out about Mrs Browns Boys…? Over here, it's so easy to hear about American TV shows, but it doesn't see quite so easy for America to hear/get our TV shows – which is a shame, as we have some crackers.

  4. We discovered Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s on the Internet within this last year (2013)! To us it is funnier than any of the TV shows made in our country! I believe we were watching “Britain’s Got Talent” on You Tube (which we enjoy.) On the side bar was mention of the Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s Christmas Episode for 2013 and the New Year episode! That’s when we got interested. You know, since we are American’s we “barely speak English” (ha ha) so when they get speaking fast we sometimes have to go back and listen again (especially with their Irish brogue.) We have watched season’s 1,2 and 3 over and over and over and it is funny every time we see it. With the swear words in the series it would NOT be allowed on over the air broadcast television in the United States but probably could be permitted on (Cable TV) channels. It might seem strange that there are so many American made “movies” that are available (with swear words) but broadcast TV is not as free on speech in the United States as you have in the United Kingdom! I would easily buy the Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s series on DVD, but it is very difficult to find them in the DVD format that works in the U.S. and Canada. We do like other shows made in the U.K. as well. Use to enjoy Patricia Routledge in “Keeping Up Appearances”and her series as detective Heddy Wainthrope! A good actress! We sometimes watch “Doc Martin”. Doc Martin is on (PBS) Public Broadcasting System in the U.S.A. Yes, we also enjoyed Mr. Bean with Rowan Atkinson. We have laughed many times with “I.T. Crowd” also! The U.K. has some good shows! The U.S. is into the “reality shows” and I don’t care for them, like “Survivor”. I don’t know if you get that in the U.K. or not but guess I’m too darn old to enjoy those shows! Oh, yes, I forgot another series from the U.K. “Peep Show”. Some of these shows are getting old, been around awhile. We watch most of everything on the Internet and very little on over the air TV anymore! Our computer is hooked up to our 57 inch digital HDTV in our living room.

    Hey, please do keep in contact! Great to hear back from you!

    1. Dude, you need our channel GOLD – shows all the best in British TV; Steptoe & Son, Vicar of Dibley, Absolutely Fabulous, Keeping Up Appearances (I love Patricia Routledge, she appeared in Steptoe & Son in the 60 or the 70’s can’t quite remember), Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson is technically a ‘Geordie’ – a person from the North East, aka me lol), Gimme Gimme Gimme (very crude, but amazingly funny), Yes Prime Minister, Only Fools & Horses, Porridge, Open All Hours…I could go on all night >..<

      1. We can not get Channel GOLD in the U.S.A.! It is limited to U.K. and Ireland but does sound interesting. Yes, we have seen the show you mentioned, Gimme Gimme Gimme, but not the others you mentioned. Even on the Internet there is some programming from the U.K. that is not available in the U.S. I would really love to visit your country, but you know what, just corresponding with you is fascinating to me. I’m afraid that this website prefers we discuss Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s though, correct? I do hope that Brendan O’Carroll (and all) returns to making the TV series again in 2015. It would really be a shame if they decide not to. If you hear of any news in the U.K. later about the show returning to TV let us know! Stay in touch!

      2. This site/blog is mine, so we can chat about anything at all =)

        I’m hoping that D’Movie is gonna get more Mrs B. viewers, which would definitely secure further series.

        The cast are actually touring in a couple of months, performing various sketches from the show (might even be live tapings =O). I’m desperate to get tickets, but no one will go with me! xD

        Have you got/read Brendan’s autobiography? I’ve heard it’s meant to be both hilarious and fascinating, might be worth checking or the kindle store =)

  5. We (Allan and I) are glad to hear back from you! So you own this blog! Great! Now that I know that I can be a little more comfortable about sharing information (not that I haven’t already). I believe that Brendan and the gang are touring Australia, is that correct? We do hope they again continue the series on TV next year. It’s our favorite comedy TV series! We continue to watch series 1,2, and 3 and the Christmas and New Year’s episodes over and over. We see them so often we know the script, but they are still funny!

    Allan and I hope that D’Movie comes out soon! Is it available in the U.K. already? When the movie gets old enough that it’s available on DVD (in the U.S. format) we will purchase a copy, if it’s available to purchase!

    You mentioned you hate the heat! You could survive in Western Washington State as it rains a lot most of the year. I grew up there and still have a sister that lives in Everett, Washington (28 miles north of Seattle). We live in S.E. Washington State and it is a semi-arid desert area. We do have rivers, mountains, many grape vineyards and wineries and we also do have the 4 seasons but summers can get pretty warm (even hot). Our “hottest days” this summer have got up to 113* Fahrenheit but that isn’t the normal. In the 90’s* and 100’s” are normal for July and August. So you would like winter time here, it is cool but we don’t get very much rain! The pictures at the top of your blog, is that you and your boyfriend, or possibly just a friend? I have to get off of the computer for now but we can chat again. I love hearing from you! Have a great day! Larry and Allan in Benton City, WA. U.S.A.

  6. Hi again! You had mentioned some British comedy TV series that Allan and I had not heard of. We found “The Vicar of Dibley” that’s on Netflix here in the U.S.A. and we have just finished series 1 this evening! It’s a cute show! We were not sure as we watched the first episode if we would like it or not, but before the first show ended we enjoyed the show! So tomorrow we will start season 2. So, we would love to hear more about yourself and your life in the U.K. (if you’ed like to share with us?) You are 8 hours (ahead) of where we live on the west coast of the U.S.A. in Washington State. We have seen I think all of the Mr. Bean series with Rowan Atkinson and we have watched I believe all of “I.T. Crowd”, enjoyed “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and “The Testees” series. Although it wasn’t a comedy series we liked Patricia Rutledge in “Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.” Some times we see “Doc Martin” series in the U.S. broadcast on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service.) It is late at night as I write this, so will stop for this time. Hope to hear back from you soon! Larry

    1. Hiya, if you’re still there lol been a pretty…gruelling few months over here -.-

      But! Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special(s) this December! Cannot wait =D plus the movie should be out here soon, really hope you can get hold of it on your side of the ocean ='(

      How have yourself and Allan been? Discovered any old (or new) TV shows? I’ve been having a bit of a Carry On… film binge lately, Carry On Screaming will never get boring for me. Hope you’re both doing well =)

      1. Great to hear from you too! You know we really enjoyed the Vicar of Dibley but the worst part was the last episode at the very end when the Vicar hit her helper over the head with the big Bible. To us that was a terrible scene to end the series with! Did you see that? It was a hot summer here but we are now into fall weather. So what has made it a grueling few months for you? What going on? No, can’t find Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s D’Movie over here in the U.S.A. but seen previews on the Internet of it! We would buy season 1,2,3 on DVD of Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s if we could find them (in the format for the U.S.A. and Canada), but can’t find them! Yes, I remember the old “Carry On” movies and still locate some of them here in You Tube! I remember years ago seeing “Carry On Cabbie” with the ladies and their cabs with the big heart shaped taxi sign on the top. Allan is out mowing the lawn for the last cutting of the season! Not much going on here with us at this time! You are our only contact in the U.K. and we always enjoy hearing from you! Allan and I do hope you stay in touch with us! We are interested to hear what your grueling few months are! Write us back! Larry and Allan

  7. We have not heard from you in awhile! Last message sent October 20th. 2014. Today is December 6, 2014, Saturday. It’s a cloudy and somewhat rainy and winter looking day here. It’s almost Christmas! This year has passed by quickly for both Allan and myself. We still have not found any access to see Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s “D Movie” here in the U.S.A. and it’s difficult to find on the Internet all the seasons of the show that are formatted for the U.S.A. and Canada on DVD. I do hope all the actors have enjoyed their tour of Australia this year and wondering if they will resume doing another season of the TV series for 2015? We hope so! I believe they had mentioned after the New Year’s Eve episode (that was their last one) that in 2015 they planned to do another season for TV. If you hear any more about them resuming the TV series send me a message and let me know. You’ll probably hear about it before we do!

    We found another TV series from the U.K. that we have just completed watching on Internet through Netflix and that is Season 1 and 2 of “Ripper Street.” Excellent series! They are filming series 3 at this time and we don’t have satellite TV so guessing that Netflix will not be adding series 3 until all episodes have been aired. Season 1 and 2 each had 8 episodes that were 59 minutes long. We were watching like two or three episodes each night so it went by quickly. We watched the last episode of season 2 last night! TV shows in the U.S.A. are generally bombarded with commercial advertising interrupting the show and guessing in the U.K. since Ripper Street is 59 minutes in length, that advertising in the U.K. is done differently. Is that correct? How do they handle advertising in the U.K. on broadcast TV? Even Cable TV channels in the U.S. and Canada have much advertising interrupting the programs. I don’t know if you know anything or even have Netflix in the U.K. but we watch it on the Internet and pay $8.65 per month for it. All advertising has been removed and even the rebroadcasts of U.S. shows for a 60 minutes show generally takes about 43 minutes to watch, so that kind of gives you an idea of how many ads are on U.S. and Canada broadcast TV. Ripper Street series is on BBC and if we could afford satellite or cable TV (which Allan and I can’t) I believe it is on BBC America. Netflix has various categories of movies, TV shows, etc.! It’s very good!

    Just to stay in contact from time to time with you if you can provide us with an email where we can send you a letter or just a chat from time to time without having to post it to your blog for everyone to read, let me know if you can do that! Just answer back either yes, or no! If you say yes, I will send you my email address if you will please remove it from your blog after you have the address. I am fascinated to know more about the U. K. and you are the only person I have contact with in your country. If your photo of you and your man are up to date then I’m sure that Allan and I are both old enough to be your parents (or older). We both have children that are adults and Allan and I are both divorced. You must already have my email address as I have to enter it to send this to your blog. Again, if you prefer to contact only through this blog that is fine! If you send me an email please identify yourself as it could come into my “spam” mail and not get seen.

    This blog is about Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s, right? I kind of strayed away from the subject with this writing but just wanted to know more about your country and shows as well and wish your and your mate a wonderful Christmas and of course a Happy New Year 2015. Stay in touch! Sincerely, Larry and Allan, Benton City, Washington U.S.A.

    1. Hiya, this year is already manic! I haven’t got nearly enough time to update this site (which belongs to me, and contains Mrs B’s Boys and countless other things, we can chat about absolutely anything) – but we could keep in touch better thru email, my personal email is hope to hear from you both via there =) I’m gonna check my admin junk and find your address, and when I email, I’ll identify myself!Q

      I’ve been binging on The Royle Family lately, such a funny show. Available on Netflix UK. Also, Amazon Instant/Prime has all 3 Ripper Street series, brilliant show!

      Did you get any of the Mrs B’s Boys Christmas specials? OMG, hilarious. The film has been out for awhile here, can’t remember if I mentioned it again or not.

      It’s freezing over here, had some snow last night. And more is on the way. I love snow =)

      1. I just sent you an email on your personal email. So most of what you mentioned is answered in my email. No, I checked The Royle Family isn’t on Netflix here in the U.S. We did hear that they are making season 3 now of Sherlock (the modern day TV version.) It won’t go on Netflix here until all of season 3 is broadcast first. It would be great to actually see all of Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s ‘D Movie, eventually. A pirated copy doesn’t do it! As far as Brendan O’Carroll’s series it would not be broadcast on over the air TV in the U.S.A. Possibly on a cable station, but the U.S. is somewhat restricted in language broadcast on radio and TV compared to the U.K. In the movies in the theater the “f” word is used too much already. Our country is getting to be somewhat pathetic as far as freedom goes. I guess I’d better not say anymore or I’ll be hurtin for certain. I hope you understand. You may delete my post here after you read it, okay? Good to hear from you!

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