The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – Dante’s Inferno

So last night, myself & my partner in crime Aechoto-Amba decided to go through Dante’s Inferno, and deal with all the collectibles…5 hours later – we collected every silver coin, relic, listened to Virgil drone on, and  dealt with every shade. Ish. At the end, Amba didn’t get her shade achievement – even though we’d made sure to do them all. The one she was missing was ‘Myrrah’ – which I know for a fact she got, as I was the one who told her to turn back and get it, then we made comment on the Locust Queen. Anyway…stupid Myrrah aside, we both now have 1k-ed Dante’s Inferno ^_^ 

I actually really enjoyed playing it. Plus, myself + Amba in a chat…yea, it always ends up in giggles, ridiculousness, and the odd weird thing being said…’Oh my God…he’s trying to fist me!’ being one such example. This is why everyone is scared of the pair of us! xD

I believe we’re going to be playing through Darksiders tonight.

I’m currently rocking 84, 089GS, and Lady Lust is currently at 104, 350GS. My twinneh, aka Suzi is currently at 50, 598GS – and she’s currently playing Sonic Generations…not that I’m stalking her, or anything…

Why not give Amba and Suzi a visit, cheer them on, and give them both a blog follow!

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on January 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – Dante’s Inferno”

  1. Hell to the yeah, finally 1K’d, now to get the rest of the video games that we own done! =D Our gaming nights are the best, amigo! =P

  2. =O you’re stalking me?! Well that’s….exciting =)

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