The Sonic Generation!

When I was younger, I absolutely adored Sonic. I still do, to be honest. I just love the little blue guy. Well…’old’ style Sonic, anyway. Back when he wasn’t mouthy, or tall and slender. I’ve played nearly all the Sonic games, and let’s be honest…they haven’t all been fantastic.

However, Sonic Generations is quite a gem. I’m not so much a huge fan of the ‘Act 2’ levels, as I really hate the ‘new’ Sonic =/ Side-scrolling is Sonic, damnit! So yea, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing the ‘Act 1’ parts of the game. 

It was actually a lot of fun to play through some of the most notable levels, from the different generations of Sonic. Green Hill zone, Chemical Plant Zone…ah…such fond memories…and then there’s the overwhelming terror at seeing the pink liquid D=

It really is a great little game. It’s actually made me want to dig my MegaDrive out, which has put a huge smile on my face. If like me, you grew up with Sonic – you’ll probably love this game too, purely for how nostalgic it makes you feel. Also, you have GOT to save up the 7, 777 points, and get the MegaDrive controller, then locate the console…oh wow. I was so happy =)

Anyway. Yes, I’m a closet Sonic lover. The little blue guy has a very special place, in my gaming history. Whether you’re a long-time Sonic fan, or going ‘Erm…who?’ – give Sonic Generations a try, it really is a lovely little game.

2 thoughts on “The Sonic Generation!

  1. First thing I bought was the mega drive controller! Quite happily say for the next hour playing the real Sonic game. Having some issues with the third set of zones. That bloody lava one is doing my head in. I no longer know who any of the characters are and new sonic is far too chatty for my liking.

    Also, why is classic Tails talking too? He couldn’t talk in the originals :-/

    1. Yea, since when is Sonic bestest pals wiv the crocodile from the coco pops adverts…? I preferred Sonic when he was mute, a bit cuddly and pixely too. And yea, Tails is too wordy now too! They’re killing off our childhood memories D=

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