The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – Saint’s Row The Third

In a bid to earn some extra gamerscore, I decided to play through ‘Saint’s Row 3’. I wasn’t expecting much, if anything from it. I didn’t like the previous 2 titles, and it’s not really my type of game…ah, how wrong I was…

SR3 is easily one of the funniest games I’ve played, in a very long time. It’s completely insane – and it knows it! The characters, missions, the achievement names & icons…it’s just bonkers, but brilliant. 

My ‘Saint’ is a red headed, currently steampunk clothed, Russian woman – with a fabulous dress sense (she didn’t wear a bright pink catsuit for awhile…). I love when my character talks to the other characters – Zimos in particular…ar man, absolutely hilarious.

I’m actually really enjoying the game, it’s oddball, completely mental story has me hooked. It’s just so damn funny, and random! Yea, it’s awesome ^_^ Really glad it is good, and I’m not even that bothered about getting the achievements – because I’m just having so much fun playing it.

I’m currently halfway through the ‘campaign’, and I can actually see myself playing it again. Great little title, sorry I didn’t give it a chance sooner!

Also, the ‘sex appeal’ editor…it had me in stitches. I just love that it’s a complete and utter micky take.

Thanks to Saint’s Row 3, I’m not at 82, 384GS! ^_^ plus, I’ve enjoyed earning it!


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