The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – 82k

Over the weekend, I’ve been trying to get my gamerscore to 82, 000. I’ve finally managed it, just now, thanks to Battlefield 3!

I played some Assassin’s Creed: Revelations on Saturday, but I didn’t get many achievements, as I got distracted with the stupid animus fragments >.< Also started playing Enslaved, which is actually really enjoyable! Think I got about 130-150 on that.

BF3 has taken me to 82, 014. I got the ‘Army of Darkness’ achievement – shoot out 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift, along with ‘What the Hell *are* you?’ – take a Russian dog tag in the forest ambush on Rock and a Hard Place.

So yea, only 17, 986 more gamerscore to go!

2 thoughts on “The Great Gamerscore Race 2012 – 82k

  1. Games to start/complete/other to get to 100K:

    Dead Space, NFL 06, Fuzion Frenzy 2, Mirror’s Edge, Mafia 2, UFC 2010, LA Noire, Captain America, LOST, GTA IV, CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, CSI, Dead Intent, Metro 2033, Ensalved, Darksiders, Alan Wake, Homefront, Dante’s Inferno, Need for Speed: The Run, Halo: CE Anniversary, The Saboteur, FNR3, FIFA 06.

    Harm’s Way, Hydrophobia.

    Possible games to rent/buy:
    Green Lantern, NCIS, Gray Matter, NHL 2K6, MAdden NFL 09, 50 Cent: BotS, King Kong.

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