31 days, 31 gifts – Jensen Ackles Edition!

Today, on this chilly New Year’s Eve, you’ll be adoring…Jensen Ackles! Mr Ackles is most well known as Dean ‘I’m Batman’ Winchester, from the amazing TV series, Supernatural. Jensen has also starred in Smallville (he originally auditioned for the role of Clark Kent, but Tom Welling was given the role instead), Dark Angel, Days of our Lives, and Dawson’s Creek – just to name a few of his TV roles. He’s also starred in a couple of films, my favourite being ‘Ten Inch Hero’, where he plays the role of Priestly – this is a really funny film, and Jensen’s hair is just amazing ^__^ He’s also starred in ‘My Bloody Valentine’ – which is actually pretty good…I think – I’m mainly spent the films running time starring at Jensen *shrugs*. Don’t judge me. He starred alongside his father, Alan Ackles, in ‘Devour’.

Just in-case you didn’t believe me about the epic hair. Also, Jensen is way too gorgeous…and adorable…and awesome…I could go on all day…

If you’ve been following my ’31 days…’ posts, you might have realised that I’m a bit of a Supernatural fan…I admit it. I’m a complete addict. Thanks to SPN, I’ve realised how amazing Mr Ackles is, and now own almost everything he’s starred in. Oh, and he provided voice overs for the video games ‘Tron: Evolution’ and ‘The 3rd Birthday’.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…Dean Winchester is Batman.

Enjoy the pic spam…

*watches for the plot*

Have a very safe, and Happy New Year =)

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