31 days, 31 gifts – Eddie Izzard Edition!

Today you’ll be enjoying the comedy stylings of…Mr Eddie Izzard! This man is amazing, he’s absolutely hilarious. His style of stand-up is improvisational/observational, he generally doesn’t work from a script, which results in his trademark ‘so, yea!’ when he needs to fill up a few seconds. I just think his style of comedy is brilliant, I’ve seen his stand-up routines hundreds of times – yet I still laugh every time. He’s just brilliant. I absolutely love how he talks about history, and religion – the whole God, who is James Mason, talking to Noah, who is Sean Connery…ar man, hilarious. And Mrs Badcrumble! ‘She’s just my clarinet teacher…’

He’s also quite a successful actor too – he’s appeared in Ocean’s Twelve & Thirteen, Valkyrie, Cars 2 & Mystery Men to name a few. He’s made many appearances on TV also. In 2009, Eddie ran 43 marathons in 51 days, in aid of Sports Relief – he had no prior experience marathon experience. He ran over 1,100 miles.

I’m not gonna bother touching on the transvestitism, as I think he’s fantastic no matter what he’s wearing. He wears heels a hell of a lot better than me though! I will say that I love how open he is about it, and how he incorporates his early life into his stand-up routines. The whole squirrel in the tree, with the make-up. He’s just awesome.

He does a part on ‘Glorious’ about technofear and technojoy – which is a standing joke between myself, and my friends. I have both technofear, and technojoy – I love technology, but I’m awful at using it! So, I shall leave you with Eddie explaining technofear/joy…


~ by HerEvilRoyalty on December 27, 2011.

5 Responses to “31 days, 31 gifts – Eddie Izzard Edition!”

  1. Do you have a flag? =P

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