31 days, 31 gifts – Nathan Fillion Edition!

Today you’ll be getting to know Captain Ma…wait, no. You’ll be getting to know…Mr Nathan Fillion! Now, many of you will know Nathan as Castle – from the TV series ‘Castle’, I love Castle, it’s great…but! Nathan Fillion will always be Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds to me. I adore Firefly, it’s my second favourite TV show, it’s just amazing. I was devastated when it got cancelled! But yea, Nathan is a brilliant actor, and FYI – he should be Nathan Drake, damnit! Also, his bum is amazing, like seriously! Wow.

If you know of the dashing Mr Fillion, but have failed to watch the incredibly Firefly, then you need to correct this heinous wrong-doing. Immediately! Trust me, it’s epic. Cowboys – check. Space – check. Chinese profanity – check. Weirdly sexy torture scene – check. Space ship that is a character too, a bit like the Impala – check. Mark Shepherd being as awesome as ever, while wearing a bowler – double check! Extremely beautiful cast – triple check! Firefly & the movie ‘Serenity’ are amazing, please do yourself a favour and check both of them out =)

I just realised, this post turned into a Firefly-athon, instead of a Fillion-athon! My apologies, Ithink it’s ’cause whenever I see Nathan, I immediately think Firefly.

One of my all time favourite Firefly scenes, Mal & Wash talking while blindfolded, in episode 10 – War Stories…

Juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan!

3 thoughts on “31 days, 31 gifts – Nathan Fillion Edition!

  1. i just learned about Nathan Fillion not long ago. However, when i watched the first episode of Firefly i loved it. The cast was great, the adventure, and most of the comments.

    I also began watching Castle, it is so great. One of my favorite episodes was the Halloween one, I nearly freaked out when he came out in his Captain Mal Reynolds outfit. Also, I think its so funny how the two guy cops agree with whatever Castle says.

    Thank you for this page, I enjoyed it very much. and i will always be watching Firefly over and over and watching Castle.

    P.S. I also like how Castle bets with all the cops in the episode with the two murder cases.


  2. I am hanging my head as I write this – I missed Firefly when it was a series on TV. I of course know the adorable Mr. Nathan C. Fillion from his days on “One Life to Live” and then scattered work he did later. I started watching Castle when it first started and haven’t missed an episode since. Re-watching reruns multiple times on Infinity Internet and the season DVD’s.

    This is a great site and enjoyed not just the pictures but the snippet from Firefly. Of course when I read about it when Nathan was getting the PR for Castle, I immediately ran out and bought the Firefly DVDs and Serenity.

    You aren’t just kidding when it is said it was one of the best shows on TV. Leave it to the “suits” to screw up something truly incredible.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment =) such a shame it got cancelled, although the film was good, I was slightly devastated that Shepherd Book was sort of an afterthought, and poor Wash being killed =(

      At least we have the DVDs, so we can re-watch the brilliance of Firefly again, and again. ^_^


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