31 days, 31 gifts – Supernatural Edition!

Seeing as today is Christmas day, I’ve decided to share one of my biggest obsessions – the TV series, Supernatural! I’ve been obsessed with the show since it first aired in September 2005. I just adore the characters of Sam & Dean, I love their bond – Jensen & Jared do an amazing job of portraying the brothers devotion to one another.

The Supernatural fandom is huge, and I absolutely love being a part of it. The truth is, you either love or hate this amazing show, there is no middle ground. I just love how the show often references things, that relate to the fans – slash, for instance! (Supernatural – RPS is the moral high ground! xD)

I’m actually attending A9 next May, I literally cannot wait! I’m looking forward to myself, and my cohort meeting, and interacting with all the other crazy fans, and of course seeing Misha Collins in person…*freaks out* So yea, todays post isn’t all that deep, or anything else really. If you haven’t seen Supernatural before, or you’ve never been all that inclined to watch it – just stop what you’re doing, go buy season 1-6, watch, enjoy, fall in love with it and thank me later =p

Season 6 gag reel. I love watching the gag reels, as it just shows how much fun is had, while they’re making this amazing show ^_^

You know you’re obsessed when you know the Impala’s license plate off by heart, but not your own cars! 

Yea, I just really love this show – and not just because the cast is so gorgeous! – but because of the family dynamic, how the characters will do almost anything for one another – even selling their souls, turning against their own family, falling. It’s just an awesome show, and the SPN fandom is just amazing. </fangirlyend>

Have a brilliant & safe Supernatural Christmas!

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