31 days, 31 gifts – Jared Padalecki Edition!

Today, on this lovely Christmas Eve, you’ll be enjoying the gorgeous…Mr Jared Padalecki! Jared is best known as Samuel ‘Sam/Sammy’ Winchester in Supernatural, but he’s also been in a fair few movies too – Friday 13th, House of Wax, Flight of the Phoenix & Cry Wolf to name a few. He’s obviously absolutely gorgeous, but he’s also absolutely adorable. He just seems like such a lovely, happy, fun loving young man, and he’s a brilliant actor to boot. I think season 6 of Supernatural demonstrated just how good his acting skills are, as he played the darker side of Sam, which was in total contrast to the usual sympathetic Sam, extremely well. Roll on the continuation of season 7!

I’m primarily a Dean girl, but I’m very Sam curious…especially when he’s evil Sam 😉

And just because Jared Padalecki is so lovely to look at, and because the best mate loves him so! Enjoy the pic spam! =)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – he has fantastic hair ^_^

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