31 days, 31 gifts – Isaac Clarke Edition!

Warning! – immense spoilers for Dead Space & Dead Space 2!

Today you’ll be exploring the vast, and often hostile, Dead of Space…but you’re not alone, Mr Isaac Clarke will be your guide. To me, Isaac is the definition of BAMF. He’s seen, and done a lot of pretty messed up stuff, poor guy. He’s had to deal with the events on the USG Ishimura, all while thinking his girlfriend was helping him, only to discover she’s been dead the entire time, and the Marker has been making him hallucinate her the entire time. Then poor Isaac is locked away in a mental asylum aboard The Sprawl, for 3 long years…of which he can remember none of it. A coma, and memory erasing medication can do that to a guy though.

Of course he would get stuck in the middle of another Necromorph invasion, Isaac has the worst luck. Of course he takes his insanity, the Necromorph rampage, and the guilty visions of the dead girlfriend in his stride. He suits up, grabs a line gun, and is exploring The Sprawl like a seasoned veteran.

Then of course comes…that part of the game. The dreaded Eye-Poke Machine. Yes, Isaac Clarke not only has to endure the Necromorphs, but also the Eye-Poke Machine of death. Yet he does it all, looking very fetching in his little advanced rig. May there be many more Dead Space games.

I adore this trailer:

The below video is all the horrific ways in which Isaac can die…it’s pretty disturbing. Watch at your own risk!

If you haven’t played Dead Space or Dead Space 2, you’re missing out on one of the scariest, most entertaining, and downright brilliant game series around. Really excellent game, but don’t play it with the lights off. Or on your own!


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