31 days, 31 gifts – Brian Molko Edition!

Today you’ll be marvelling at the brilliance of…Mr Brian Molko! This amazing man is the songwriter, guitarist and vocalist of the band, Placebo. I adore Brian, I love how unique he is, and also how open he is – with regards to his life. He’s openly bisexual, and his usage of recreational drugs – drugs feature quite heavily in a few of Placebo’s songs. Brian is quite androgynous looking, I just find him beautiful. And his voice…just wow. I don’t think I can name a single Placebo song, that I don’t love. This man is just amazing. Simple as. It was actually Brian’s birthday on the 10th, so it would have been better if I’d thought to do this entry then, but oh well. Belated birthday wishes to this gorgeous man!

Placebo – Brick Shithouse. This song is amazing, and the various meanings people have tagged onto this song are just epic…

Placebo – The Bitter End. What I adore most about this song, is that most people think it’s about being in love, and the general love song thing…no. Just no. For me, it’s about obsession, and if you can’t have the person you want…or you’ve been rejected by said person – you make sure no one else can have them, hence ‘the bitter end’. Also, please tell me I’m not just imagining that this song keeps speeding up…? Towards the end, the tempo is insane, and everything sounds so…manic, and rather frantic. It’s amazing.

And just because Brian is so beautiful…

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