Zen & the art of Sniping… Wait, what!?

Anyone who has ever played on Call of Duty or Battlefield with me, knows that I am not a sniper. I’m the one running around the map – capping, and occasionally  doing the odd spray ‘n pray. I’m no good at camping, as I find it incredibly boring, which is probably why I’ve never bothered trying to be a sniper.

Gears of War & Halo are a completely different kettle of fish, I’m always the one legging it to the sniper spawn point. As on those games, I find sniping very easy, and I can still move around. Now, you can probably do the same on CoD/BF, but I’ve never been inclined to try. The truth is, if I see a sniper kill me on the killcam, my usual reaction is – ‘how in the blue hell did he/she manage that!? My God…these people are talented D=’.

Well…that’s until I ran out of ammo in a kill confirmed match (MW3), the one time I’m not using scavenger, and am forced to pick up an enemies sniper rifle. I didn’t expect to live longer than an extra 20 seconds…but surprisingly, I lived until the end of the match, and killed another 7 people – which is pretty immense, for me anyway.

The thing is, I found I really enjoyed sniping. Once the round is over, I backed out and created myself a little sniper class. My most used class is my ‘Castiel’ class – ScavengerPro, Assassin Pro, SitRepPro, Frag ‘nade, FlashBang, ACR silenced, Stinger, Support package – SAM Turret, Advanced UAV, EMP, Death Streak – Revenge. – it’s a class that works very well for me. However, now my little sniping class aka ‘TFWMarksWoman’ is my new favourite class – ReconPro, QuickdrawPro, MarksmanPro, Claymore, Trophy system, RSASS silenced, Scorpion akimbo, Support Package – Advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, EMP (I have an obsession with the EMP), Death streak – Hollow Points.

Oh, and I couldn’t care less if those set-ups are “noobish”. Just like my lunging, dropshotting, and jumping around in an insane person type of behaviour – I don’t care if you don’t like it, it’s a game. Get over it. If it gives you a kill, when you were going to die, then why not? Also, dropshotting is easily combated – do what I do, aim for the legs all the time, you headshot the dropshotter on the way down. Simple, and saves a lot of whining.

Where was I…? Oh yea. So sniping is fun, who knew? Plus, because of my play style (aka, never staying still – a lot like my ‘real life’ behaviour) – it means I can still run around like crazy, while occasionally pausing, to snipe someone. Basically, if you’re like me aka ‘avoid that bloody sniper rifling doodah like the damn plague’, then give it a try. It’s actually a lot of fun, and there’s a real sense of satisfaction when ‘one shot, one kill’ or ‘headshot’ pops up ^_^

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on December 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Zen & the art of Sniping… Wait, what!?”

  1. God sake, stop blooding drop shotting and lunging at people! I hate it and I’m going to complain about it right here on this little blog of yours, oh yeah I am! Well maybe later… I’m hungry atm.

    Anywho, I like sniping but it can get incredibly boring especially if you have a good team who just so happen to wipe the floor with the enemy team and not let you get even a whiff of anyone anywhere on the map.

    I prefer run and gun the majority of the time, but sniping is cool as long as you can get the right ‘setup’.

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