31 days, 31 gifts – Sharon den Adel Edition!

Today I give you the beautiful, Sharon den Adel. This stunning, young woman is the vocalist for the Dutch symphonic rock/metal band, Within Temptation. This woman has an amazing voice, but she was originally a part of the fashion industry, which she left in favour of musical aspirations. Sharon still relies on her fashion routes, in her stage costumes – which are amazing, by the way. Sharon hasn’t actually had any formal vocal training, and she probably never needed it, really. Her voice is just brilliant.

Within Temptation’s music has been used in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, which has garnered them some much deserved attention. Fantastic band, if you haven’t heard of them before, you need to watch the below videos…

The beautiful ‘Memories’ by Within Temptation. This is one of my favourite WT songs, and Sharon is so pretty in the video…

And this is ‘Faster’, one of their more recent tracks…

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on December 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “31 days, 31 gifts – Sharon den Adel Edition!”

  1. Gah, I might just go and listen to the album I have right now… =)

  2. WT have to be one of the best in the genre. What strikes me as odd, and perhaps I’m wrong, is it’s really not a genre we do well in the UK – our European cousins do it far better.

    As for WT tracks, I find it hard to look past Angels [link] http://youtu.be/VK9qfVQ4Z04 [/link] which I consider to be one of the best examples of vocal range around….

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