31 days, 31 gifts – Emilie Autumn Edition!

Today the delectable Miss Emilie Autumn will be seducing you. This fine, young strumpet is a singer, songwriter, poet, model, and violinist. While this stunning woman is extraordinarily talented, she’s also very interesting. She has first hand experience of mental illness, and proves that those with mental disorders can still lead phenomenal lives.

Emilie’s style of music is ‘Victoriandustrial’. Her live performances (where she is accompanied by the all-female backing group, ‘The Bloody Crumpets’) are truly outstanding, her lyrics are often quite morbid, but that’s offset perfectly by her over the top burlesque style stage show.

Bohemian Rhapsody cover, performed live…

And this is ‘Syringe’. People listen to the first 30 seconds to 1 minute, and think it’s going to be rubbish – how wrong those people are. Listen to the entire song, it’s amazing.

And just because Emilie is so…well, look at her, and you realise why I’m posting another couple of pics 😉

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on December 17, 2011.

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