31 days, 31 gifts – Sebastian Roché Edition!

Today we have…Sebastian Roché! This gorgeous gentleman, first came to my attention, when he portrayed the angel, Balthazar, on Supernatural. However, after first noticing those gorgeous eyes (if you’ve been checking out the other 11 days, you’ve probably realised I have a major eye obsession) in SPN, I’ve developed quite the fangirly crush on him. He’s currently starring in The Vampire Diaries as Mikael, he’s previously appeared in Sex & The City, Charmed, Alias, Merlin, Law & Order – just to name a few.

His portrayal of Balthazar is just fantastic, he makes the character seem so fun loving, and cheeky – in an adorable sort of way. So click the link  to watch one of my favourite Balthy clips, and adore this gorgeous man as much as me ^_^http://youtu.be/DPqP87rNuMA

Seeing as the youtube clip won’t let me embed the video, here’s some pics to satisfy…


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