31 days, 31 gifts – Norman Reedus Edition!

Today I gift you with…Norman Reedus! Mr Reedus can currently be found portraying Darryl Dixon on ‘The Walking Dead’ – you know, the adorable crossbow wielding one. Way back when, he played Scud in ‘Blade 2’ (which is freaking awesome)…and even further back, he played Murphy MacManus, in the absolutely amazing ‘Bookdock Saints’. Seriously, BDS is one of those cult classic films, that not many people have seen. But, when you find someone who has seen it, you instantly bond over ‘the prayer’ or ‘the cat scene’. If you haven’t seen this film, first of all feel ashamed, next get it bought! Sadly, I don’t think Norman Reedus is a very well known actor, which is a real shame, as he’s brilliant! Of course, I’m biased based purely on how much I adore BDS.

Please do not watch the following video, if you’re easily offended…and possibly have no sense of humour. It’s not real, for God’s sake *rolls eyes*. ‘I can’t believe that just f***ing happened!’


And just because the MacManus twins so often remind me of the Winchesters – the whole co-dependency bond thing, kicking serious ass, being so adorable…

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